XMP Files - Record that Deep Prime Noise Reduction Has Been Used?

I own DxO PL4 and have been using the option to process and export RAW files with only the Denoise & Optical Corrections applied for use with other editing applications. I have been selecting Deep Prime. When I export these files as a DNG with the option for Denoise and Optical Corrections only is this information recorded in XMP files (if that option is selected)? It doesn’t seem like this information is in the EXIF information anywhere - that just reflects the original camera information. I can open the XMP files (with a text editor) and see an entry for Deep Prime - but it is awkward. Is there anyway to record this processing information in a more convenient place? The DNG file itself doesn’t seem to have that information. (I am processing a lot of images from very old cameras - where Deep Prime really helps - but sometimes I wonder if I have selected the options correctly and am only getting the standard Denoise process.)


Export to DNG(Denoise and Optical Corrections) will output the current PhotoLab 4 settings for Noise reduction( HQ, PRIME, or DeepPRIME) , Chromatic Aberration, Lens Sharpness, Vignetting, and Lens Distortion to the exported DNG file. There is no separate sidecar file. You might want to consider adding something short and meaningful to the file name as a differentiator.


That is what I have been doing. I was just looking for confirmation that Deep Prime had been used for noise reduction. I found the answer: if you tell DxO PL4 to write sidecars for these DNG files, then there is an entry in the sidecar file that says: NoiseRemovalMethod = “DeepRaw2RGB”. That is what I was looking for. You have to open the file with a text editor (I use the Mac’s TextEdit app) and then search for NoiseRemovalMethod.



Add a keyword ; it is embedded in jpeg file ; I don’t know for DNG.