XMP(?) data behavior

Before my RAW files go into Photolab, they are rated with 1 star (with a third-party program). This makes sorting easier and faster.
But the resulting TIFF files keep this star. I can remove it with the third program, but the star remains displayed in PL. How do I get rid of this star that no longer serves me after development?

As far as PL is concerned, rating files is a one-way process, either within PL (saved in database) or from an external DAM (saved in XMP sidecar). Then the export is created and the rating copied to it (or its sidecar). The exported file is not read again from PL.

What do you mean by that ?
If i open the exported TIFF file in PL it is normally read. The star that i deleted in the extarnal DAM is still visible in PL, with a yellow colour that means that it comes from the external DAM although it has been deleted … That’s the (strange) behavior i wanted to highlight.
The same goes for keywords. Files having been processed are saved with the keywords given to the RAW file. That’s OK but if i change or delete (in the external DAM) a keyword, it still appears as before in PL. I understand that the keywords are in a seperate database and not in XMP format.

There is a setting ín the export dialog to remove exif data.
This is your only option.

While I don’t consider adding star ratings to the exported files as a problem, every XMP data will be exported. In my case face regions are a problem which I reported. These are invalid, when the image was cropped or rotates.

The export of keywords is a feature and at the moment the only way they can get out of Photolab.

A typical problem of 2 captains on one ship.
Messing up with 2 different software will always bring up problems once.


Sure. But PL does not import files. So we need something external either to import or just to transfer the files from of the card (with the OS). So there will always be 2 captains on the ship.

I said before. Just add those properties that are referring to the content of the image directly to the image. So keywords should be added to the image. Then you can move them from one program to another program. And leaf the edits to the program.
I write keywords directly to the raw, with my camera still simply to be done with Viewnx2. In a iptc section. PL is reading it but doesn’t write it on export. Just waiting what the future will give me.
Two captains just doesn’t work.


Yes. But i don’t want the EXIF data to be removed.
So, there seems to be no solution to my (little) problem - except if i give up external ranking.

I wonder how other people do, if any, to mark the files to process. With PL star ratings or green/red markers, or … ??