XD taking an age to render


I’ve just bought PureRaw after testing version 2. I was excited to see the new XD iteration but I’ve just sent one raw file (Sony A7C, so only 4000x6000) to process and after ten minutes it is still not even half way through. In fact, it appears to have hung.

Does it really take this long to process one file? Why does it take 10 seconds to process using the normal DeepPrime, but seemingly cannot complete one task using XD?

What operating system were you using? What graphics card do you have?


@demonboy Your operating system is relevant because it can affect the nature of any testing and any recommendations and as @mwsilvers has also requested the Graphics card is useful to know.

I took an image, created a VC, set one as DP and the other as DP XD and exported both in one export and then exported each in turn on an i7 4790K with a GTX 1050 Ti (a slow card and the RTX 3060 is on my other machine) using Win 10 and DxPL 6.4.0 with settings of

to be honest with the 1050Ti 2 would probably be more appropriate than 3!

The performance figures for my 20 mega pixel Lumix RAW images were


i.e. DP XD takes over twice the time as DP with this card.

Your figures do not match this, i.e. one is better and the other way worse!?

PS:- Sorry @demonboy I did see that you were talking about PureRaw and then ignored the fact and gave you timings for DxPL - oops!

Thanks for the replies and yes, it was remiss of me to not include my computer details. I’m normally quite good like that :wink:

Processor is AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor (3.70 GHz) with 32GB ram. The graphics card is a GeForce RTX 2070.

However, after finally rendering the XD version, I think I’m going to stick with standard DeepPrime. My images are so low light they are almost black, and the standard version does a better job of bringing back skin detail, whereas XD smooths the skin too much for my liking. I think XD could be better for skies, but for skin detail the normal DeepPrime works best, at least for my images.

Thanks once again for getting back to me.

You neglected to add the operating system you’re using.


Looks like a driver issue.

Make sure you install the Nvidia Studio Driver. This does not install by default, but is optimized for PhotoLab as well as Adobe apps.

When you install it, select custom & select the option to clean uninstall your other driver. After installing it, open GeForce Experience & run the application optimizer.

Running the Nvidia Studio Driver with my 3090 FE I’m averaging 2.57 seconds per image with DeepPRIME XD on my desktop and 2.89 seconds per image with my 3070 TI in my laptop.

Images being rendered are 20 megapixel from OM-1 so very similar files to what you’re working with from your Lumix.