X-H2S profile : the pink color of rose flowers tends towards orange

My X-H2S is configured with Provia.
For RAF files in PhotoLab 5 Elite

, the X-H2S profile makes rose flowers tends towards orange.
I need to set the rendition in PhotoLab to Provia in order to have the proper color with the RAF file.
The jpeg from the X-H2S is OK, as well as display in the LCD monitor.

Thanks in advance for the feedback on this matter.

In PL6, there’s this option in Preferences:

  • Automatically use Fuji camera color rendering for Fujifilm images: enables the application of Fujifilm camera color renderings when opening images in DxO PhotoLab.

I don’t think PL5 has this option. If not, you have to manually choose the color rendering as you have been doing.

The option is in PL5 too. It works.
I had to remove the dop file and move the file somewhere else for the option to work.

I’m wondering where does the X-H2S PhotoLab profile come from?
I used a X-T4 previously and never noticed such problem.
I checked my X-T4 RAF files: there are set to X-T4 profile.

I noticed a problem in PL5.x (don’t remember the version) with RAF-files, appearing with camera xxx instead of the “film simulation”, that was chosen while taking the pic.
Not sure, if that problem is solved in the latest PL5 version (had tested with raf-files from other users).