X-H2S/Fringer/ EF 100 Macro L

Ok, next issue.

No lense sharpening for this combination.

Any idea?

Yours, Gareth

DxO’s modules are made for specific camera body + lens combinations. This includes e.g. Fuji lenses on Fuji bodies, third party (Sigma, Tamron, Zeiss etc.) lenses on Fuji bodies, but combos like yours are usually not covered.

At the time of writing, 533 bodies are supported and 94’063 modules exist, but none covers Canon lenses on Fuji. Find out what gear is supported on this page.

Thanks Platytpus,
I guess that helps me deciding what software to move forward with.
Yours, Gareth

DxO do provide a module for X-H2S and the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM. So maybe your comment isn’t entirely correct?
Yours, Gareth

It is a common misconception that the modules are either for a body or a lens. If this were true, we’d have to download two modules with the very first image seen by DPL, one for the body and one for the lens, and you can check that this is not the case by looking at installed modules in DPL’s menu.

Sorry, I did not make myself clear. There is a module for the X-H2S + the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM. One module for the lens + the camera.

Please check again, there is no official support for such a combo:

…and none for the macro lens:

…no Canon lenses for the H2S according to the module database of DPL6:


When I take a picture without the 1.4TC. There is no warning message and I am able to adjust lens sharpness. When using the 1.4TC there is a warning message and lens sharpness is not an option.

okay…maybe you have discovered a unexpected feature/bug. Can you comment on this @StevenL ?

I have noticed that PL5 has mistakenly recognised the lens as the Fuji 100-400 and after double checking, the lens sharpening isn’t that good.
Strangely when I send the jpeg to Flickr, Flickr recognises the lens as my Canon 100-400 and the 1.4 TC too.

Lens info appears in different sections of metadata and, depending on which app reads what section, this can cause such mixups.

If module selection could be overwritten manually, such issues could possibly be avoided (and other issues could be created) :woman_shrugging:t2:

Requests for manual module selection have been posted already. Search, find and vote for such requests. :muscle:

Wouldn’t the logical step be to have each lens and each camera with a separate module, then the user could pick and mix?

There is (almost) always a bunch of logical steps and DxO’s choice is made. Maybe this will change in the future, but then again, maybe not.

The ability to mix split (body/lens) modules requires an additional virtual interface between the split modules - and connecting the two parts might ask for a lot of computing power. But that is just a guess.

There must be something wrong when my Canon 100-400 is recognised as a Fuji100-400 though?

Probably not. It’s the metadata in the file that is used by apps to determine the lens. Depending on which lens ID is used, it can create ambiguities that are resolved in different ways by different apps.

Do we expect a Fuji body to know all lensIDs of the lenses produced by whatever brand other than fuji?

But when I export the jpeg to Flickr, the exif data correctly sees the Canon 100-400, so the information is there to be read, it just seems that Photolab doesn’t read it?

PhotoLab checks a few tags to find out, what lens was used. Other apps check different tags and draw other conclusions. And while this does not sound too difficult, lens information is not necessarily present in clear text, but as a binary value in mostly undocumented maker notes…which means that app providers have to either rely on someone else’s reverse engineering (e.g. ExifTool) or DIY the necessary information.

Now, if you want more info about your specific case, you’d need to share a raw file with a “supported” combo and an "unsupported combo each…or you can dig into documentations about metadata and metadata standards (exif, xmp, iptc etc.) and check what you read vs. the infos you find in your raw files.

“PhotoLab checks a few tags to find out, what lens was used.” - I get what you are saying but there are no tags in that RAW file that say that the lens was a Fuji 100-400. It simply appears to be an assumption.
As an example: Veit _Veit_ | Flickr shoots with the X-H2S + Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM. Frickr correctly selects the correct lens from then metadata. Whilst I don’t know how difficult (or how easy) this is, it appears that Flickr can achieve this and DxO cannot.
Whilst DeepPrime was a major consideration for buying Photolab, automatic lens correction and sharpening was also a majhor part of that decision making process. Without it,other competitors become more appealing.
If you’ve got a link where I can send a RAW file, I’ll send one through.

Add your file through this site and post the URL you’ll get.

Yep, you click on the link and it asks you where you are sending the file to… seriously?

It’s great to have systems to deal with problems like this but the system has to work and be obvious, no?