Wrong zoom calculation in preview

Just installed v6.0.1.33 and noticed some weird behavior - 1:1 image preview is not actually 1:1. Real 100% corresponds to approx. 55% in ‘PhotoLab units’.
It turns out, that my secondary monitor (in Extended mode) makes PhotoLab crazy. It looks like PhotoLab calculates ‘combined’ resolution from 2 monitors (1920x1200 + 3840x2160) and uses this value to upscale the image (which is 6240x4160 px). When I turn off secondary monitor, zooming works correctly. This is so screwed up…

Also, couldn’t find a way to use secondary monitor as in Lightroom and Capture One - show image preview, while keeping main interface window on a primary monitor. Is it possible at all?

What is your operating system?
For me, 1: 1 appears 100%.
I have 2 Windows configurations on Desktop + 3 screens (personal) and Laptop + 2 screens (work) and PL6 is displayed correctly on any of these 6 screens.
PL does not yet manage the multi-screen but you can put the pallets on a 2nd screen to enlarge the display of the 1st.

My iMac has a native screen size of 5120 x 2880. Standard resolution is set to 2560 x 1440 by macOS - and this scaling depends on Mac model and screen size. 100% is therefore not necessarily a one-screen-pixel-per-one-sensor-pixel correct scaling.

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So, 100% is 100/100 of what exactly and how big is a pixel anyway?
If 100% were original sensor size related, a full size preview would be 24 x 36 mm… If we related 100% to print size, we’d need to also factor in print resolution…
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I have Windows 11 10.0.22621.
I managed to reproduce this behavior, it’s indeed about secondary monitor, and it’s blocking my editing workflow - I can’t properly evaluate the image because of upscaling artifacts. In addition, lack of secondary monitor full-screen preview feature makes it no-go for me, unfortunately.