Would upgrading to Photolab 3 mean better control points interface?

I have Nik Collection 2.3 and Photolab 2 on my Mac. I am tempted to get the upgrade to Photolab 3.
Would I get a better control points interface? The ads appear to suggest it. What do you think?

In PL3 you get the functionality

  • to disable individual control points,
  • to invert a control point mask and
  • to change the opacity of individual control points, so you can reduce the effect strength without touching the sliders on the equalizer control.

I think you should watch some of the webinars to get a better idea if this is not clear enough.


That’s what I wanted to hear… Improved functionality makes it worthwhile: I’ll get the upgrade and switch to PL3. Thank you. Christophe

I don’t think it will change how you use Nik. The above changes are just in Photolab local adjustments. You will still have to make a tiff file to use in each Nik tool.