Would I get better performance with a new graphic card?

I built a new computer last year but, as many knows, there were no graphic cards available at the time. So, I just used my old Nvidia 1060 in my new system.
There are a few graphic card available now, but they are extremely expensive, about 3x the msrp here in Canada.
Still, would upgrading give a significant performance boost, or is it just not worth it?
I’m currently running a Zen 7 3800x on a 570 board with 64GB ram along with the aforementioned 1060.

maybe you can got some information here Which Video Card? - DxO PhotoLab - DxO Forums

I looked at that thread and the spreadsheet posted in that thread, but it seem very inconsistent. For example, 2x Apple m1 7c on the same file, the same PL version, showing almost a 5x time difference.

So, reading that thread got me more confused than before.

Or maybe there are so many variable at play that a definitive answer would only be available by testing 2 different graphic adapter on the same exact system. If that is the case I’m out of luck, I do not have access to such ressources.

One of the time is with Apple M1 GPU while the other is with Apple Neural Engine.

Thanks, did not see that; then again, I wouldn’t since I have not a clue what an Apple Neural Engine even is, or what it does, or that it even existed for that matter.

Also, I used Mac as the example because of suspected consistency. On the other entries, the graphic adapter is different, but the processor also, with older graphic cards associated with older processors, so it is difficult to assess which one is at play. Another example is one with 1070ti and 2070 which shows a 2x improvement; but on those 2, the processor is an old 4790 with the 1070 and a newer, and much faster, 3700x with the 2070, so how much of the performance is associated with the faster CPU, and how much is due to the graphic card?

Maybe you can take a look at
GPU Benchmarks Hierarchy 2021 - Graphics Card Rankings | Tom’s Hardware (tomshardware.com)
2021 Grafikkarten-Hierarchieliste und GPU-Diagramme - GPUCheck Germany / Deutschland

or wait for the posts of some forum members are more interested in graphic power :innocent:

Short answer is yes you will get better performance. Particularly when exporting deepprime processed images in PL5. Whether that better performance is worthwhile depends on how constrained you feel at the minute, and also how much you’re willing to pay.

The spreadsheet linked earlier will give you some idea of speedup from different graphics cards, given you have a fairly common CPU there should be some useful information for you.