Would be nice to have HSL operate locally as well

It would be nice if DXO adds HSL to its local corrections, although I think it would be some heavy lifting to add that. After all one might to manipulate colors locally.
Capture one has it.


it certainly would be a nice addition.


Presumably, that would mean having to put the colour wheel somewhere other than on the equaliser? Otherwise, it’s going to get in the way.

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Not necessarily, they could make a floating version of a Retouch Tool Menu that pops up when clicking a variable symbol in the equaliser and. It´s like in that menu a possibility to expand and shrink that menu too. That is just an interface issue. It´s a little bit strange that this wasn´t fixed when the Color Wheel was released because they must have been aware that “Cyrus” question was about to come immediately.

Color Wheel is really a nice and elegant solution and instead of getting us to make “the Wave” of pure luck, they got a dissatisfied sigh in response. Color Wheel is just half of a solution until this is fixed.

they could just add a mask option beside the colour wheel, the mask could appear in the mask panel.

Finding a GOOD way to make an interface for a tool shouldn’t be consider as a problem. (Even if for now some existing part of PL interface are a problem. Even in HSL wheel : for example, the hue shift handle is very hard to fine tune (impossible to get as precise result as needed for a hue correction) and it has no numeric input.

About every tool should be accessible though masks. Not only HSL wheel.

And I think the color wheel should allow better selectivity. For now only very saturated part of the selected range of hues are modified with this tool. We should be able to tweak value/saturation selection in conjunction with the hue range selected.

And more than that, this selection range of Hue/Value (if value added) should be able to be a mask for other tools too. Here I’m just talking about the tool, not it’s interface.

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