Worth to Get Nik 3.0 for PL 3.0 Elite + VP + FP Users?

As title, cause there seem to be some duplicated functionalities…


I have the full package and the main reason is that I want to work in Raw for as long as possible.


There is some overlap between NIK and VP/FP indeed.

I’m hard pressed to give any buying advice because the bundles that are offered do not make much sense to me. What I use on a regular basis is the DxO Photo Suite in Elite Edition. I’ve not installed VP and FP because their functionality is ± implemented in DPL, once you enter the respective license keys in DPL. The Niks might give you some effects you like.

Best way to go IMO is to try the products and see what you get from them. Be aware that trial versions are usually Elite editions (PL and FP) and that you might miss some functionality if you later decide to buy the Essential editions only.

No need to rush: Discounts have reappeared, although timing and % may vary.

interest is limited … if you have filmpack and view point.

you can do almost anything with the curves (RGB) and the black and white function of filmpack by staying in a raw stream

Like @Sigi I have the entire package and prefer to do everything possible using raw files within PhotoLab. If needed, I then send 16 bit tiff files to Nik 3.0


Where can I enter the respective license keys in DPL without installing VP and FP?


Thanks everyone for your input!

Enter the codes near the “about” menu entries. On macOS, it looks like this:

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