Workscreen preview does not Match Fullscreen Preview (F11)


can someone explain to me, why my Workscreen preview does not match the Fullscreen
It looks more Color Saturated and it matches the exported jpg files.
Is there something wrong in my settings?
Or do i get something really wrong?


When you refer to your “Workscreen” image, what zoom level are you using when you see these differences. There several things that are impacted by a zoom level lower than than 75%.


Fullscreen Preview uses the new viewer (like LA and Repair).
We have to wait for a complete update (PL4 ?).

Yes, whe i want to see the full Picture that i am editing my Zoom is @ 26%

Yes, you are viewing below 75%, that’s why you’re seeing a difference.


whats the workaround?
The Saturation is so far off, its really difficult to work with the colors.
And then the result is always bad

I don’t think the saturation is far off but I think the lack of sharpening can give the impression of less saturation.


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Sven, I wonder what you’re doing with the image that makes the zoomed-in preview that much different. I don’t think I’ve experienced a noticeable saturation difference with my own images. What monitor are you using? Does it have any features like dynamic contrast or brightness that would alter what you see on screen as the overall image intensity changes? Or do you use any software that alters screen brightness or gamma?

DxO would ask for the image and sidecar files. Can you share them with the community, maybe via Dropbox?

The Monitor i am using is a Eizo CS270 with Spider Calibration.
Nothing on Auto, only Software is Colorrnavigator for the Calibration

Hmm. You have a 27" monitor. I’m surprised your zoom is only 26% to see the full image. I use a 28" 4K monitor and I view full images at around 44% zoom. Of course, it may depend on the size and resolution of your raw images. I use a 20.2 mp Canon 7D Mark II,.


So my Cam is a Sony A7II @ 24mp.
But My Laptop is only capable of producing HD on the external Displayport…

Here is a link to a Dropbox containing a picture and dxo file.
Not the best one, but here you can see the the Blue difference in the Snow
and the Orange in the Clouds
DXO Dropbox link

And I recently wondered there might be something wrong with my graficcard. Just checked calibrated test photo on calibrated envorinment and can replicate the problem. So community: forget colors in F11 mode for now.