Working Colour Space not included in copy adjustments

I’ve noticed with PL 6.7 that when I use Copy Metadata then a subsequent Paste Selected Metadata the Working Colour Space is always deselected.

Has anyone else noticed this? i’m sure this was not the case in 6.6 and prior.

I don’t have a choice for Working Color Space.


I am an idiot. Despite saying “adjustments” in the thread title, when I consulted the menu entries for the precise wording, I chose completely the wrong menu items!

I mean, in fact, Copy Correction Settings and Paste Selected Corrections.

This is what I get. An unedited image.
PL6.7.0 build 219. Win10

With PhotoLab 6.1 on macOS, the situation looks as shown below:

Selective pasting excludes WCS. I suppose that it’s unchecked, because the panel cannot be activated or deactivated and because it has not been activated by the user, “copy settings” un-checks the WCS box.

Paste all settings” includes WCS, overriding all boxes.

Whether the above should be called a bug or feature is for others to decide.

Easy fallback: When DPL shows a pending update, I quit DPL, duplicate the app and update the copy. For testing, I keep many versions and rename them accordingly.

Hint: The top two apps of a major release are the same. I keep the extra copy so that I don’t have to re-assign aliases and dock symbols with each update and renaming.

Another difference between Mac and Windows.

But there’s a choice between wide gamut and legacy gamut.


Yes, there is, but if PhotoLab doesn’t hand over the change to the copy function (which seems to be not the case) or loses it on the way to the pasting selector (which seems to be current practice) it doesn’t help. Until this is fixed, we’ll have to either check that box or use “paste all” and change the settings that don’t match the target image. Whichever is less bothersome. But it feels strange that WCS settings are not checked in one scenario while it copy-pastes nicely in an other.