Work-flow: Can’t move images from Lightroom Classic to PL4

I have the latest versions of Big Sur, LrC and PL4, on a fairly new iMac with 64GB of RAM.

My problem is this: when I want to transfer an image from LrC to PL4, I go to File > Plug-in Extras > Transfer to DxO PhotoLab 4…and precisely nothing happens.

if I’m in PL4, I can move an image to LrC, but not the other way round. I’ve googled this, and although I’m not alone, none of the ‘fixes’ suggested sort this issue out. I’ve reinstalled PL4, but not LrC (nervous because of directories…). As well as trying to

if there’s anyone out there who can help me this frustrating problem, I’d be very grateful.



Hi Ben, welcome to the forum!

Please check if the plug-ins are located in the correct folder, they should be here:
/Users/~/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/dxo-exporter-dpl4.lrplugin
/Users/~/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/dxo-importer-dpl4.lrplugin
Note: ~ stands for your user account name

You should also be able to see them in Lightroom’s Module Manager:

There are two ways to send an image from Lr to DPL

  1. context menu (ctrl-click)
  2. Lr file menu / module functions (just below the module manager position)

Try both ways and see what you get. CAVEAT: Sending an image to DPL using the module functionality, puts the image in a project in DPL. Please check the Projects, your images might be there.

How does sending an image to DPL work with the context menu work exactly? I can’t seem to find it with ctrl-click …

…you have to set it up in Lightroom. Open Lr preferences and add DPL as an external editor…