Work around?

Does anyone know a workaround for the absence in PL of:

  • histogram as an underlay of the Tone Curve diagram (including numbers…I think Photoshop has something like that…but I don’ t use PS)? For getting the right black point for different (print)paper, that would be really useful. So, do you just guess? Or maybe use another program (maybe also one that support 30bit)?
    I know there are more than one requests for this (and I voted ofcourse), but didn’t read about any workarounds. So buying new software seems the only possibility.

Maybe not. If you have a Canon camera then Canon’s own photo application ‘Digital Photo Professional’, which is free, has this feature.

Thank you stuck. I don’ t use a Canon camera. Sony’ s Imaging Desktop (Edit) has something like that, but it’ s not the most user friendly software.

Have you looked at Affinity Photo?

It is a very powerful Photoshop alternative that, even at it’s current full price, is fraction of the cost of PS. If you were to wait until Black Friday it’s likely to go on sale at half price. Also, you will get free updates until version 2 is released. The release date of v2 is a complete unknown.

thnxs again stuck. I have Affinity Photo (and use it sporadically next to PL). Very powerful and a good price indeed.
There is an overlay (curves/histogram), and there’ s even a “picker” to exactly pinpoint a certain colour/brightness in the image itself. But, I cannot make it work like I would like to (and like Photoshop presumably can); when I use the picker and try to adapt a certain brightness in the image I see the whole curve line moving. Even when I pinpoint a certain spot on that line. Let’ s just say I want to lighten below a certain black point. I don’ t know how to fill in any numbers (like maybe 0.6 or any other number). It’ s also impossible to get a point fixed on the curves line/trying to adjust blacks below that point, without moving the whole line. In PL I can, but there I cannot see any numbers inside Tone Curve. So there I have to operate “in the blind” .
Maybe I oversee things in Affinity Photo; as I said, I’ m using it sporadically next to PL.

You could try asking for help on the Affinity forum:

Hi Guenterm…for a very brief moment, I saw you posted a link. But now deleted (?)
And @stuck ; I just posted this question on their forum. Thnxs again

Good morning, Mujabad. I’ve posted an answer to your question on the Affinity Photo forum. Long story short, what you’re after is very, very possible!

Thank you very much smadell!
Very informative post!
I just finished my new post there.
Glad this can be done (in a certain way) inside Affinity Photo.