Windows vs Mac OS

Too much “Mac OS Only” :disappointed_relieved:

Well, that’s neither a question, nor a problem, but I use PL on both systems :wink:

Must I change my computer to be able to use PhotoLab ?! :joy:

Photo Lab runs on both Mac and Windows systems. Here are the requirements:

Oh, yes I know… but a lot “Mac OS only” is very, very disappointing

It would help to be specific - especially given that the online manual for PhotoLab still has mistakes and omissions. For example, here it gives a procedure (Mac only) for viewing the image with or without local adjustments:

…and yet, one can also do this in the Windows version by selecting Local Adjustments and then clicking on Compare. But you won’t find that mentioned here.

And, to be fair, there’s a lot in the manual that’s indicated as only for Windows.

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As a Windows user I’m struck by “Mac Os Only” but, anyway, too many “Mac OS/Win Only” are not a good thing for a GREAT program like Photolab is

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Yes, it’s mostly the Manual update issue than the functionality difference. I will let the web team know that they should update the manual.

Thank you,

Svetlana G.

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