Window Hidden on Launch

I’m launching either Silver Efex Pro or Color Efex Pro from Lightroom and intermittently I briefly see a small splash window in the middle of the screen which then disappears. I am unable to use the program, getting an error beep from my computer when I click on a tool. The image does not appear on the screen.

I believe this is a screen advising me to upgrade? I clear down other active windows but cannot find this window.

My only option is to force quit the program and relaunch. The splash window does not appear when I do this.

I have been unable to capture a screenshot because the window only appears for an instant.

Any thoughts?

macOS Catalina
Latest v2 Nik Collection.

I have the same issue and it is the reason I came to this forum.

There is a modal dialog box that is not visible. I hope someone will look into this issue and fix it.

I changed the settings to apply Nik in photoshop, the illusive dialog is then visible. It’s an opt-in dialog to usage statistics

Did this get sorted, I’ve got the same issue

Hi@PeterHaigh, it didn’t crop up for a while, but in the last week it has started happening again.