Window becomes active on refresh

in the edit window, when the filter of the picture browser is set to not show already exported pictures, the Photolab window comes back to front everytime a picture is exported and the picture browser gets its refresh.

This is really annoying when you want to get some other work done while Photolab is doing the time consuming export in the background.

Can you please look into it?

V3.0.3 4295 win64

I don’t think that’s a bug, Stephan … You have directed PL to hide images that have been processed - and so, each time an image reaches the state of being processed, PL updates the browser to reflect your direction.

What you can do, immediately after initiating the Export process, is to “Reset” the filter - - this will have no impact on the export and will stop your image browser from being continually updated.

Regards, John M

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Thanks for your reply.

I think i didn’t make my point clear. When exporting images, i don’t want to sit and wait until the export is done, i can use the time to do some other things. But if iwork in another application like chrome, word or excel, the Photolab application pops back to front and receives the focus, so all the keystrokes of whatever i am typing in that other application will be send to Photolab.

You are right, this can be fixed by resetting the filter. But, in my opinĂ­on, that would be a workaroud and workarounds should not be needed for a professional software like Photolab

No, I don’t believe I misunderstood your point, Stephan - - but, I don’t agree with your conclusion that PL is doing something that it should not be doing; You have explicitly directed (via the filter setting) that you do not wish to see already exported images - and that’s exactly what it’s doing when it updates the image browser (which is what causes PL to receive focus).

The simple solution is to reset the filter.

John M

That doesn’t sound quite right.

Why should PL grab focus when it updates the browser if a filter is set, but not if it isn’t? The browser is updated either way - to remove the now processed image or to add the newly generated export - so I would at least expect the same behaviour. And I wouldn’t expect that behaviour to be that focus is grabbed, which is bad form to me.

It doesn’t work this way on Mac: focus isn’t grabbed in either case.

Because if it is set (to hide processed images) then the browser is updated as each image is processed - but if it isn’t (so that processed images are not hidden) then there’s nothing to be updated.

John M

That depends on the result of the processing: if the exported file is written to the original image directory then the browser is updated even without the filter, to add the newly exported image.

That was admittedly the case I had in mind, but maybe not 3dkopfkino’s case.

I think you made your point clear. On MacOS I can let PL process and export images in the background regardless of filter settings. At the end of the process I get a system notification that the export is complete. PL never steals the focus from other applications. I would expect the same on Windows.

I do not observe the behavior described with Windows 10 64, when the filter “display processed images” is unchecked
When I export the images (in the original directory), I can switch to another software without interruption of work (including Word). Simply in the taskbar the PL icon “flashes” in orange at the end of each processed photo (PL2 or sometimes PL3) or at the end of the treatment (PL3).

I use the filter option to not to show the once that are processing, processed, etc. Maybe that migth help,

Today I could not reproduce this behavior after a rebooting the computer. I now have the orange flashing icon like @gerarto mentioned. Yesterday, there was no orange.

I’ll keep an eye on that