Win 10 PL5.1.4.4728 Split screen from F11 display still "active" in repair screen!

This was found by accident after using the split screen option with the F11 full screen display, the split screen function was still present in the ‘Repair’ function screen!

While I have asked for that capability to be available in the normal mode, in addition to the side by side option, I don’t think it is supposed to be active in the way that it is in the repair screen, i.e. it is “clearing” part of the heading as well!!

Yep. it stays active in both Repair/Clone and Local Adjustments.

@rrblint I encountered the problem when looking to see what I could do about the flagpole (nothing with PL5 and I suspect not a lot with anything else except with a lot of effort and the picture isn’t worth it!)

While it almost looks intentional and would be potentially useful (maybe more so in local adjustments than in Repair) it is also treating the “headings” as if they are part of the picture!?

Either it shouldn’t be there at all or it has been badly implemented. Personally I would prefer it to be left (but with access to the commands to use it or change it included) and, obviously, not removing the command overlays!

Yeah, I’d like the option on the regular editing screen too(working correctly). I think that it’s not supposed to be there in LAs and Repairs. It is a bug left over from way back that has never been addressed.

I would help to have that type of split screen function on the Win10 version (and it appears that they have almost implemented it by accident!)

With respect to the flagpole my favourite application is InPaint (jpg only) and this is the result after a couple of minutes but it still doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny!

The gravestones are easier and I was surprised that the one beside the path went so easily! (the shadows should be adjusted but …)

Nice photo and very nicely done on the cloning!

@rrblint thank you but it is mostly down to the package which does all the “heavy lifting” and provides options to restrict what is considered a candidate for the “fix”. The flagpole took a number of attempts to refine the size of the target and modify the areas that could be used as candidates, then some additional changes to fix the “bad” areas but the gravestones were just mark and erase (I had expected to have to modify the candidate area for the second gravestone to avoid getting the path included but the software was smart enough to do that on its own)!

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Good morning, guys!

Splitter is available for any tool which is in a new viewer along with Full screen and you can enable/disable it:


So if you enable splitter in Repair for example → you’ll have it enabled in full screen too and vice versa.

Svetlana G.

@sgospodarenko thank you for your reply my aged eyes had not spotted that the split screen option is displayed on the command line for ‘Local Adjustments’ and for ‘Repair’ rather than the side by side option available on the main customize screen on Windows 10.

So the item is a feature but still has the “problem” of obliterating elements of the command overlay. Using a horizontal split and a linear gradient with the bottom of the gradient over half way down the screen pressing ‘C’ (or ‘Ctrl T’) provides the horizontal split. In this mode the lower line is present and can be used but the main Local Adjustment options are obliterated!?

Is it only possible to configure as a ‘vertical’ or ‘horizontal’ split only in the ‘F11’ full screen mode!?

It would be useful to add the split screen function to the main ‘Customize’ screen either alongside the ‘side by side’ option or as a toggle between ‘side by side’, ‘vertical split’ or ‘horizontal split’.

So I would contend that the following is required;

  1. That either the command overlays are available in split screen mode or not (preferably the former) for ‘Repair’ and ‘Local Adjustments’.
  2. That the ‘Horizontal’ or ‘Vertical’ split selection option is available in all locations where the split screen option is available.

Please add the split screen option to the main customization screen.

Vertical split example with some commands still visible and working and the extreme edit is just for the purpose of showing that the commands still available do work!

  • It’s possible to rotate the splitter by double clicking on the handler like this:
  • It will be done as soon as all the tools will be switched to the new viewer.

Svetlana G.


@sgospodarenko Thank you for the information I will check the manual next time (page 71 in my case) albeit that is actually referring to the full-screen mode.

It is good to hear about the option being added!

That just leaves the actual “bug” that triggered my interest, i.e. losing the command overlay when in split screen mode, when is that likely to be fixed? The detour is to toggle the split screen mode on and off but …

For the time being, activate < LocalAdjustments > when you want to have this split view in customize.

Good morning Bryan,

  • Well, it’s expected. The tools are displayed only on the image itself where you are applying the corrections and the overlay is the corrected image for comparison. So in your case you either move the splitter to see the rest part of the tool or disable/enable the tool.

Let’s ask @Musashi if it can be changed but for now it’s the expected behavior.

Svetlana G.


Good morning Bryan @BHAYT

Thanks for your feedback shared with @sgospodarenko - for the moment this behavior is not optimal but we’ll keep it until we find a better solution. This is in our list of optimizations, we can’t promise an update for this in the next version but we’ll go through it.

Best regards

@Wolfgang thank you for the potential workaround for the normal customize view.

@sgospodarenko and @Musashi thank you for your response it is a “feature” which on the grand scale of things is not really important, just “untidy”. I do not know if anyone else has encountered the issue or bothered to report it but that may show how important the feature or having a split screen with ‘Repair’ or ‘Local Adjustments’ actually is!?

Because the ‘C’ still works and is easier to access than ‘Alt T’ if I want split screen when using ‘Local Adjustments’ or ‘Repair’ I can toggle split screen on and off easily enough.

Sadly PhotoLab offers no customisation options for keyword shortcuts given that FastRaw Viewer allows customisation of virtually every feature available, so please don’t remove the ‘C’ option for a split screen and consider some degree of user customisation!

From my perspective the two reasons I bought DxO OpticsPro 11 were the \ (for ‘Quick Compare’) and DxO Smart Lighting OpticsPro 7 only to discover that \ had been removed (my previous version was a free copy of DxO OpticsPro 9) and DxO dropped that particular ‘Smart Lighting’ option when they released PhotoLab 1!

I still feel that for JPGs in particular none of the PhotoLab versions since really compete with the OpticsPro 7 Smart Lighting option without more work!

2022-04-05_121705_DxO11 Smart Lighting

I discovered the current issue by accident when I set out to “improve” a photo in PL5 and noticed a rather unsightly flag pole poking out above the trees and tried to fix it using PL5 repair function which cannot cope with such obstacles without way more time than I care to expend (if ever).

I have used ‘Repair’ in PL5 with a reasonable degree of success with dust spots and also with lens flare but perhaps its biggest drawback is the lack of the ability to edit the mask when an attempt has failed. Setting ‘Show masks’ helps locate the mask and the selected area used for the fix (either allocated by DxPL or (re-)selected by the user) but on Win 10 the outline of the area to be used for the fix is way too faint.

If you then overlay one mask with another telling which control point is for which mask outline is not easy (on Win 10)!

Because the whole of the masking “vanishes” when the cursor leaves the image display then using the navigation window to re-align the image is rather difficult because nothing of interest (w.r.p. to ‘Repair’) is visible!

Plus it does not appear that the shape of the mask can be edited, i.e. to increase or decrease its size. The mask can certainly be moved as I did from one headstone to another, the alarming “red” tones which are actually tufts of grass cuttings, vanished when I zoomed in to 100%.