Will you ever support Google Pixel 6 phone

Are smartphones other than iPhones in your future? I would love using DxO with my Google Pixel 6

Not even the latest iPhones are covered yet.

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I recently picked up an iPhone 13 Pro Max, so now I can shoot two formats that DxO doesn’t support: HEIC and ProRAW :wink:

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What about all of those wonderful editing apps that phone manufacturers supply? Wondering why anyone would want to use anything other than those apps. Frankly, I take all of my phone pics in jpeg and let it go at that, unless I want to edit the jpeg and then I do my best with dxo.

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I would like to use the best raw software that exists on my Pixel 6’s .dng files. That is DxO. Perhaps DxO could release a generic .dng software converter.

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In good light, one is much better off even with a phone from Google Pixel 4 + and iPhone 11 + shooting in RAW and developing in DxO. There’s a convenient hack to be able to edit DNG files from the iPhone 11 Pro with DxO PhotoLab 5 and the results are consistently better than with either jpeg or other RAW development software. This hack (changing the camera model) may work for Google Pixel files as well (and may not, it does not work for the iPhone 13 Pro and works less well for the iPhone 12 Pro, the last officially supported iPhone is the iPhone X).

On the other hand, when shooting in mixed light or low light, these new phones have HDR and multiple take merge modes which make the jpegs better than a single frame DNG/RAW file.

It’s high time that DxO unlocked PhotoLab for mobile phone DNG/RAW files.

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Generic Android DNG support was “already in our backlog [of features to add]” back in June 2018, with no sign whatsoever of it appearing and they’ve not supported iPhones since X - I’ve given up hope.

I’ve also stopped upgrading, because what’s the point if it doesn’t support the camera I now use most?


I find the lack of support stupid, many use a phone as a back up or at times the camera as I do on many occasions. I am looking at the Pixel Pro 7 when the price comes down as my existing phone is over 5 years old and its camera is not as good as the 7’s. I and my wife are nearly 80 and she only uses a phone now and I incressinly do the same which is why I am looking at the 7pro. I have downloaded a number of the Pro 7 “DNGs” and they open up in Affinity and can be processed not as well as PL but if DxO refuse to face reality that’s what I and I expect many more will be forced to use and that can only lead to lower PL sales!

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I found out the hard way about the lack of support for the Pixel 7 Pro’s DNG files. I have a batch of DNGs that I’d like to bring into PhotoLab 5 (Elite), but the lack of optics modules make this impossible. I’ve tried pre-processing them through Adobe RAW Converter but that didn’t work (as expected a DxO tells us that these files can be opened in PL if an optics module exists).

Now, I’m wondering what the point of the Pixel’s DNGs are…

My next step is to use DarkTable to process these files. Maybe TIFFs from DT will be usable by PhotoLab, maybe not. Either way, I’m not sure that upgrading to PL 6 is worth it (for these images; the ones from my DSLR are, of course, PL-editable).

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Instead of upgrading DxO Photolab, I purchased Affinity Photo 2 which works fine with my Pixel 7 Pro raw files.


I’m new to DxO (like I’ve bought it and yet to try it out in earnest), recently I purchased a Pixel 7 Pro (and save to DNG) - I’m a bit disappointed that right out of the gate this software doesn’t support smartphone DNGs.


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