Will Support Stop for PL1 in favour of PL2?

Will support be discontinued for PL1 Elite in favour of PL2 Elite? There have not been any updates for PL1 Elite in recent months so I am asking this question as it seems it is probably essential to upgrade to PL2 Elite. The version I am currently using is PL 1.22 build 3239. Also, if I upgrade will the amendments I have applied to my RAW files in PL1 be maintained in PL2?

If by support, you mean updates, including new camera and lens profiles, then the answer is almost certainly no. If you mean assistance with other problems, it is possible they might assist you. If by amendments you mean edits, then yes, all you PhotoLab 1 edits will still be there when you upgrade to PL2.


Thanks Mark. I did mean updates as support so it seems it would be wise for me to upgrade to PL2 Elite. I also meant RAW files I had edited so pleased to know these will be maintained on upgrade.

Even edits to jpegs will be there. Since there is no save feature in Photolab, all edits are automatically saved in the database and/or sidecar files and applied to the image being edited on the fly regardless of the file type a being edited.


Hello Roger,

Mark gave the correct answers to all your questions. About the upgrade, it’s almost a year after PL2 release so if it’s not critical for you I’d suggest to wait for PL3 which is coming usually in autumn and then upgrade.

Svetlana G.

Thanks. That’s a really helpful answer as it is not critical for me to upgrade to PL2. Will look forward to upgrading to PL3 later in the year.

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