Will DeepPrime have same capability as PureRAW 2

So will DeepPrime in PL Elite have same capabilities as the new PureRAW 2?

I don’t see why it would otherwise be

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Deep Prime in PL5 Elite already has those capabilities. I’m assuming that you are referring to speed improvements and Fuji X-Trans support?


Just wondering if PR2 will have any capabilities that deep prime would not. It’s always a bit confusing with all the different apps and versions of apps.

…what are the capabilities that you crave for?

Capabilities are different, and I hope that it will stay so

  • DPR only allows us to switch it off or on
  • DPL allows us to set the level of treatment too

Are you asking, “Now that PureRAW2 has been released does that mean DeepPRIME has been improved and if so, will the new improved version of DeepPRIME be released as a minor (=free) update to PL5 in the very near future?”

I don’t know, but if PR2 does have an improved version of DeepPRIME I wouldn’t be surprised if DxO did NOT update DeepPRIME within PL until PL6 becomes available.

For me, PL is DXO’s n°1 software, and Pureraw is a “produit d’appel” but maybe I’m wrong.

PureRAW 1 was released in April 2021, this v2 should probably update for DeepPrime v5 released later.

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If you look at the release notes:

You’ll see that the “new” features for Pure RAW 2 were included in Photolab 5, several months ago.
PureRaw is a kind of a “little brother” for Photolab, it gets only second hand new features :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info!

PR2 features were not included in PL5 Elite. At least not in my copy of PL5 Elite. For example, PR2 includes an extension for macOS Finder / Windows File Explorer allowing for the use of PR2 directly from macOS Finder or Windows File Explorer by right-clicking on a raw image and choosing DxO PureRAW from the context menu. (See attached screen grab.) This feature does not show on my copy of PL5 Elite, but does appear on the trial version of PR2

that I’ve downloaded and used for the attached screengrab. Also, PR2 claims to be “faster and more efficient” at processing, meaning, presumably, faster and more efficient than PR1, which is a tool included in PL5 Elite. In short, I don’t think PR2 is currently fully incorporated into PL5 Elite. If I’m mistaken about this, please let me know. Thank you.

No it doesn’t.


The performance increase advertised for pureraw2 is exactly the same numbers adverised for photolab 5 release… so I don’t think pureraw will be any faster than photolab.