Why Release a BUGGY (partial) update at all?

I like NIK but I have to wonder why they release a partial update at full price that has been proven buggy as can be. Their support is completely overwhelmed by complaints. The update is half assed with only 2 of 8 plugins getting anything new. This is not a good way to build customer loyalty.

Here is the response after SUPER SLOW COMMUNICATION via their support tickets (that site has crashed due to volume):

“The ticket is currently with our technicians for analysis. Unfortunately, our support team is currently dealing with an exceptionally high volume of issues, and so progress on tickets is considerably slower than usual: for now I can only thank your for your patience and request that you continue to bear with us while we seek a solution,”


It does look like Nik 4 was not ready for release, when released. Not working at all for C1 users is no way to expand the userbase.

I purchased this upgrade and wondered the same. What did I really get for the upgrade cost? Not much.

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Quite agree that Nik Collection 4 was NOT ready for release, it’s full of bugs. I’m a big user of Silver Efex and have reported several small, but VERY frustrating issues so far, without much of a response.

Given that DXO are usually very good at responding to support issues makes me think that they’re snowed under with problems.

Obviously something has gone a bit wrong with the development process, which I guess that they’re now struggling to rectify. If I had to suggest one piece of advice for next time: it is always better to release good software later than you expect than to release buggy, crap software on time.

I look forward to my fixed, working software… in the meantime I’m just going to downgrade back to version 3.


I downgraded back down to 3 too. If I can get my money back I will save it for the next upgrade.

Yes, I have had to downgrade to version 3. I make my living with CorelDRAW, and Nik has always worked perfectly with it. Not so with version 4.

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Thanks for the warning in this thread. I had found problems with using Nik Silver Efex from C1 but as I have also had problems using Topaz Sharpen AI with C1, I had blamed the problem on C1. I must do some more systematic testing of what happens with what, and maybe even see whether downgrading solves the problems.

How did you go back to 3? I got a request to update 4, and it screwed 4 up, but it appears also to have erased 3.

I’ve used NIK for years, loved it, and got 4 when it came out. All was well until I got a message to download an “update.” I did, and when I opened it, only 3 of the plugins were operational. Long complicated story followed-I’m still in communication with support, and they have tried to be helpful, but so far no dice. I’ve spent far too long on this. Looks like quite a few other folks have had the same experience, so 4 was evidently “not ready for prime time.”

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I went back to nik collection 3 easily, but only because I just happened to have the .dmg file in my downloads and I got the license code from my old emails.

DxO also sent me this down grade link when I raised a support request.

mac link

…although I’ve not tried it.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you gentlemen, for saving me all this pain and installing and uninstalling. I’m very busy and going through hours of tech troubleshooting for little to no purpose would do serious damage to my relationship with DxO. I hope this Nik 4 release is not the new standard for rolling releases at DxO. What a nightmare for those who just leaped in based on trust! My condolences.

I was tempted to ‘upgrade’ to version 4 the other day. After reading these comments I most certainly will not do so. So, thank you for the heads up.

I also nearly paid for the upgrade, thank goodness I didn’t

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I’d love to pay for the upgrade but I certainly don’t want to lose compatibility with external applications nor have the on-screen U-point style interface disappear. Sadly, this “upgrade” does not to be a step forward at all but rather a regression.

I do strongly agree with the original post and also hope DxO will prove they have the integrity to provide a “complete” upgrade of ALL the components to those of us who purchased the “new version” of the Nik Collection. At this point, we paid for a new release to the COLLECTION and only got two plugins that actually changed.

DxO’s credibility, I believe, depends on what they do next as a lot of us purchased based on the trust we have in them as a reputable company.

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… and THEN to find out, that “older” versions are not supported anymore!