Why my connection to DxO resource is "Forbidden" after I upgraded to PhotoLab5?

I have upgraded my PhotoLab3 to PhotoLab5 two weeks ago. When I opend PhotoLab5, it asked to download DxO Optics Modules, and I checked the item and next, it prompted “The remote server returned and error: (403) Forbidden”. (please see the attached captured screen “PL5 001.png” and “PL5 002.png”). I have submitted a ticket (#307208) for support two weeks ago, but no response until now. So I open the URL which attached in the "ticket request received " email, but it shows me “This page is temporarily unavailable. The follow-up and the processing of your request will be done by email.” (please see the attached “Ticket 001.png”)

Moreover, when I open the PhotoLab5 application, it notify me there is a 5.1 update, when I go to download it, the web page shows “ERROR 403 Forbidden Sorry, you are not authorized to access the resource.” (please see the attached “DxO 001.png”). On the other hand, when I go to the “DxO.com - Help & Support - DxO PhotoLab - Release Notes - Window”, it also shows the “Forbidden” message.

I have did some test for it.

  1. I can download the release note from my android mobile.
  2. I can download the PhotoLab5 update from VPN proxy on browser on Windows 10 PC.

So, what should I do now? How can I download the “Optics Modules” and the update the PhotoLab version without VPN? Why my connection is forbidden?


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Let me ask @gpailler to have a look at it and advice.

Svetlana G.

Hello @Nero ,

I’m in touch with our IT team to solve this issue. Could you send me your public IP address? You can use a service like What Is My IP Address - See Your Public Address - IPv4 & IPv6 to find it.

Is it a personal (broadband) IP or is it an IP from a company, university…


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Hi Pailler,

The problem happen again after 2 hours… my IP address is 14.198.xxx.xxx [removed for privacy], which is my personal broadband IP.


Hi Pailler,

The problem is solved suddenly. Now I can download the Optics Modules, release notes and 5.1 update installer.

Thank you for your help.


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Hi @Nero,

You are most welcome :wink:

Best regards

Hi @gpailler ,

The “Forbidden” problem happen again. :pensive:

PhotoLab5 prompted me the 5.1.1 update, but I cannot download it. At the same time, the new Optics Modules are also cannot be downloaded.

I don’t know if it is related, two times before forbidden, I opened both PhotoLab5 and PhotoLab3 at the same time on the same PC.


It looks like some IP addresses are being rejected on the DxO side. Now I am having this exact problem. I had a 403 error that went away and now, after an hour, it’s back again. I can’t download the optical correction modules. This is somewhat frustrating. I need this to work.

Maybe you can use a VPN (for exemple ProtonVPN) to circumvent the problem ?

I know I can use a VPN. That’s what I did as well. The problem is that this should work without using a VPN. Even so, VPN degrades the performance of the connection. Why are some addresses being blocked? It seems to be a somewhat random phenomenon, because sometimes I have and sometimes I don’t have access.

DxO support team contacted me and helped to trace the problem. It seems my download manager application was too “aggressive” (too many connections in short period) and triggered the network protection of the cloud services.

You can “submit a request” under DxO web page - Help & Support. They may contact you by email and give you a help.

So glad that, I am not alone.


I’m just in the middle of it. It would be good not to have such “adventures” in the future. :wink: