Why isn't my Photolab 5 free trial working?

I recently installed a free trial of DxO Photolab 5 on my Windows 10 PC.
After successfully installing it, the program went straight to trial expired, meaning I can’t use it.
Why? Can anyone help?


Please, create a ticket via support.dxo.com and you’ll be assisted with solving the problem.

Svetlana G.

@JNB Although this may sound a stupid question

  1. Have you installed PL5 on the machine before and that would include an EA version used in the PL5 beta test.

The reason that I ask this (obvious/stupid) question is that prior to PL5 you could install PL4, for example, and the trial would expire with the software still loaded or even removed. Re-installing the software was still possible and the software was still usable because only the export capability was “hobbled”, the rest of the software would work O.K…

That changed with PL5 and once the trial period is over then the software will no longer work at all, there was no “outcry” about this change at the time which I found a little strange but …!

PS. Thinking about it the reason for the change was probably because users would have been able to write back metadata changes unless that was “hobbled” as well and where would the changes to the code stop, so “simply” close down the product completely at the end of the trial period!

Just a thought!

Well, yes, but I used my other email address I I thought it was allowed.
Seems not!

Done. Awaiting reply.

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@JNB Online accounts are typically used to control the number of activations of your licence you have used and store a “footprint” of your system and limit to 1, 2 or 3 or … simultaneously licensed systems.

But most installations that have limitations also mark the registry in some way and look for this obscure identifier when you attempt to re-install the software and typically will allow the re-installation but use the “marker” to then determine if the timer or number of uses or … have expired and either let you continue to use any remaining period/uses or time-out immediately!

None of the above are unique to DxO but the old way that PhotoLab worked until PL5 meant that you could just leave the trial installed and continue to test and compare the results on screen etc, but not export and was useful for a more “relaxed” trial. It certainly helped me to decide that I wanted to invest in DxO OpticsPro 11 (the forerunner of DxO PhotoLab 1) but that feature, unique to DxO as far as I know, is no longer available @sgospodarenko .

  • Yes, that’s true. The way of handling the expired Trial was changed and now as soon as the period is over you can run the application only if you activate it.

Svetlana G.

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