Why is the NIK collection showing up as a driver I can eject?

Discussions, questions, comments and suggestions regarding Color Efex Pro from the Nik Collection. … I’m kind of confused here I’m trying to get the Nik collection up on my computer … And it’s acting as if it’s a driver like it’s giving me the option to eject it it’s really confusing I’m not sure what’s going on

Seem to be the nik collection installer, not the collection itself. There’s 7 in the collection and are not accessible by only 1, look in your start / program / nik collection and you should see all of them there.

@GothicSerpant I am on a Mac mini M1 and it looks like you are on a Mac also. When I installed the Nik Collection, I had the same icon for Nik Collection on my desktop. It shows after the install completes. I have seen this on other software installs also. Anyway, you can look in Launch Pad and see the files that make up Nik Collection or using Finder look in the Applications folder where you should see a Nik Collection folder which contains all the Nik Collection individual apps. If the install went to completion without error then you should be able to eject Nik Collection icon you see on your desktop. If you want to confirm that a Nik Collection app works you can run Color Efex Pro by clicking on its icon in the Applications, Nik Collection folder. It should start up and run in standalone mode. Hope that helps.


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What you are seeing is a DMG or disk image. It’s a Mac thing instead of installers or ZIP files.

Simply double-click on it and you will get a Finder window where you can double-click on the installer.

When the installer has completed, you can eject the disk image from your desktop

Hi Marvin ! Thanks so much for your helpful response… I really appreciate it brother!

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