Why does this not work?

I had a raw photo with pretty harsh lighting and decided that although I only had 1 image I would be able to create 2 virtual copies in PL, adjust one +1 EV and the other -1 EV and send them all to HDR Efex Pro. After all, PL would create 3 different tiff images and send them to the Nik plugin and it should not care that they all came from the same original, but adjusted, image.

However that did not work. I got no resulting image and I have no idea why. Can anyone tell me what the problem is here?


I have found why this does not work. The software looks at the image information and finds that all are marked with the same EV rating. Given that, it does not try to combine them. It is necessary to manually change the EV information using the dialog box setting and then it works.

Live and learn.

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which dialog box?

When the images get sent to the Nik HDR module a screen opens up to allow you to adjust for any ghost images and change some settings. This is the dialog box I was referring to. There is also a drop-down list allowing you to specify the EV ratings the images should be adjusted by.

The original Nik HDR dialog box. You can see there is no image:

In the upper right is a drop-down box with possible settings:

After setting that the dialog box actually displays the combined images and allows you to proceed: