Why does PL5 export two images to TIFF?

When exporting to TIFF, I get a TIFF file with a secondary very small (JPEG?) image as well as the main image. Any ideas?

Built-in thumbnail or Preview…

At only 174px x 98px, it’s barely a little fingernail :crazy_face:

@Joanna is it something which occurs each time with each (exported to TIFF) image?

As far as I can see, no matter what he source file, the destination TIFF always has a miniature thumbnail as well as the main image. This only started with PL5, PL3 and PL4 both create single image files.

PL5 exported TIFF opened in Preview:

Image 1…

Image 2…

Food for custom Icon?

I just tried this ExifTool command, which shows the two images…

exiftool -a -G1 -imagewidth myexport.tif
[IFD0]          Image Width                     : 8256
[IFD1]          Image Width                     : 258

… whereas a PL4 export gives me…

exiftool -a -G1 -imagewidth _JNA0006_DxO.tif
[IFD0]          Image Width                     : 8256

What has changed in the export routine and why?