Why do all my posts have to be approved

I have been a forum member for years and never post spam or anything bad but all my posts still have to be approved - very annoying! Please fix.


Did you ever receive a reply about this? I haven’t been a member for years but I certainly don’t cause trouble. Waiting for answers to my questions or trying to participate in a thread is very frustrating.

What is the policy on post approvals?

Good question. I have never had this issue. Maybe Svetlana can sort it out. Just send her a PM.

Many people have this issue. Approval is done in a 5 day work week, Monday till Friday from 9.00 till 5.00 MET. A silence in the weekend and then on Monday between 9.00 and 9.30 a lot of new posts. I think this week somebody was ill on Monday.
First post in this thread is 21 days old. Time enough to communicate. And there’ve been other and older threads dealing with this issue and also no response.
I’m just hoping I don’t watch The Dying Swan.


Not had any replies :hushed:

My reply to you need “approval”. How rediculous is this?

I read elsewhere that it has something to do with the newbie status of forum users, but I find it rather strange when my posts, even in the topic that I created, are not shown for hours, as it is happening right now.
I know that forums sometimes lack a certain etiquette, but I find this post checking quite annoying since it slows the flow of the forum.

Please call attention to the moderation team and wait for them to reply. Remember that we are all humans and can not be online at all time.
“Approval” is not the normal behaviour but it can be active when you first log in or after a forum update. It makes sense because of all the spam flooding us everywhere. Nothing wrong.
Happy posting :grinning: