White Clipping variation?

Is anyone aware of this phenomenon, or have I a setting wrong on Mac Photolab 4, please?
There seems to be a difference in the white clipping shown in Customise view and Crop view, as per attached. Notice it especially on the pale blue shirts.

Not sure, but I think one of these is passing the magic 70% boarder. The one with more clipping is sharper.


Not white, lumination, but blue saturation or luminance clipping.
Histogram suggest the latter.
Big blue blob in the middle, and a small blue spike at right side.
You can use boxes (the facemodes) in smartlighting or see if colorprotection is activated and use that slider to see if the clipping is going away.
And as @george said after 70% sharpening and microcontrast kicks in so that could be a trigger also according to the difference.

Thanks for the responses @George & @OXiDant.

I’m not sure that my post fully explains. I know different things trigger Luminance/White clipping. The two images are screenshots of the same screen. The only difference is that the crop tool is clicked in the top image. You can see the border of the crop tool in place at the edge of the image.

So, the question is, “Why the clipping variation, when the only difference is the crop tool is activated”.

Croptool is a layer so maybe the layer is to blame.

Both images are equal framed on your screen. So if the first one is a crop, than the zoom factor is different. If that is above 70% sharpenening and microcontrast, Peter, is added. The question is: what is the zoom factor of the cropped image?


I see now what you mean.
With me it’s the opposite. When the crop tool is activated including the raster, high clipping disappears.


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Oh, great, we are dealing with the same issue, then, albeit reversed.

So, again, why? Surely it is a bug, if the only change is clicking the crop tool? The histogram is the same but the clipping changes. It’s difficult to trust either is correct.


What happens when you hit Enter, accepting the crop?
With windows it seems that high clipping is deactivated as soon the lines are activated. As soon I hit Enter, accepting the crop, highlights are as usual again.
I can’t help you with Mac.


same here – and definetely better this way :slight_smile:

tested on dxOPLv4.2:
does the same as yours on full image and 1:1

I don;t think its a bug, when you crop you take a preview of a export crop of the rawfile.
The blinkies of clipping is based on the colorspace of the editor preview.
i think it’s to different previews you see. (turn every thing to max full clipping and turn of clipping warning the image you see then is the image you see in crop mode.

OK, thanks, @OXiDant and for the video clip. I understand but it seems unfriendly and confusing, at very least. On the Mac, it works in reverse. So, you see an image that is all fine, then when you go to crop it, all the blinkies appear. The histogram remains the same and yet, when out of crop mode, it’s fine again. Shame if you happened to have addressed for the blinkies in crop mode. It’s inconsistent and unintuitive, I feel.