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I working my way through tutorials on PL2 Elite. Many of the features are intuitive and similar to other image editors I’ve used, but some look significantly different from the tutorials I’ve seen. In particular, I don’t seem to have the “tint” option available in “White Balance”. Has “tint” been dropped from PL2 - or is it only available if Film Pack or other modules are activated?

Tint is only available if you are shooting raw.


Hello Bill,

correct, tint is only available in RAW. In case you look at a RAW file and you still don’t see tint, then look CAREFULLY at the lower, right corner of the white balance panel, you should see a very small “+” sign - click on it and you will see tint.
Look also at the other panels for this small “+” sign, in many you have hidden functions.


I don’t see an expansion option in the WIndows version of the RAW white balance. panel. If you are editing a raw file both temperature and tint are visible all the time. I assume you are using a Mac because expanding options in the Windows version is not done via a + sign for anything.


Sorry - just saw that this is the windows section.

No apology necessary. I do the same thing. I keep forgetting that while the two versions mostly overlap in functionality, and look and feel, there are still a number of visual differences.


Thanks Sigi - and Mark - That helps a lot. It’s also good to have the reminder about that “+” sign. - Bill

That’s for the Mac version only.


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