White balance - JPG + RAW

My camera does JPG and RAW images at the same time. Is there a possibility to adjust RAW white balance settings to match the white balance set by the camera in the JPG photo?

The WB value defined by the DC is indicated in the raw file metadata.


Your RAW files will be tagged with the same white balance as your in-camera JPEG files. However, only the camera manufacturer software will be able to interpret that RAW white bal data in exactly the same way as the in-camera JPEG.

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You do realise that the RAW file actually contains a JPEG file? So, unless you want it for reference, to compare what you saw on the back of the camera, there is absolutely no need to record both - it only serves to fill up your memory card (and disk) faster.

Or, you can use FastRawViewer, which will show you both versions of the file, both the containing RAW and the contained JPEG

I realise your question is directed at @jamrok and I have known of the your point from the beginning of my digital photograph. However, I too always capture RAW+JPEG. As an amateur, this approach has never been a problem storage wise. Both my memory cards and my PC disk storage are high capacity. It’s also much more convenient to have the in-camera JPEG instantly available. It’s just so much less hassle than having to extract the one embedded in the RAW file.

I don’t know what camera @jamrok has. Nikon embeds a full size JPG of medium quality. Any viewer that can show raw files is showing that file and can be saved to disk.
I believe that other brands don’t have a fulle size jpg embedded but one of limited size.
The good thing of the old CaptureNx and ViewNx was that after a single edit that file was replaced by a high quality jpg.


Since Canon has issued the CR3 format, there is a full size Q=70 JPG inside the raw. Thus, it you want to have a better quality JPG, you need to shoot RAW+ JPG or to process the RAW…