White balance & colour in PL7

Trying out PL7 at the moment and struggling with the colour handling.

With a GFX100s image of a city-beach scene in cloudy daylight, if I use the white-balance eye-dropper on a grey area the white balance is way off with far far too much green (tint -82!). But if I use the eye-dropper on an area of deep yellow sand, the resulting white balance looks ok. If I choose a different area of grey or sand I get different results again.

I suspect that the problem is that the UI the eye-dropper’s visible position on screen does not correspond to the actual part of the image that is sampled.

Possibly related, some of the Fuji film simulations (eg Astia-Soft) appear much too saturated, resulting in unnatural Neon oranges and pinks in scenes with muted lighting. I can correct for this by reducing saturation or the strength of the rendering, but I did not need to do this in PL6.

Running on macOS 13.5.2 with PL7.0.0.

same thing with latest PL5 update, white balance is way off other than “as shot”.

** doesn’t matter if you select daylight, cloudy or flash, white balance doesn’t change and is ugly green tint.

Hello Mark2,

the issue has been recognized for both, DxO PhotoLab 6.10 and DxO PhotoLab 7 on macOS. We’ll offer an update soon.


Which update are you talking about, 5.15? I am still on 5.14, so I guess I should better not update?

@Barbara-S , are there any plans to fix this bug in version 5 as well? And if not, do you consider to take down the last update, so that people will not destroy their functioning version of PL5?

I’m running PL 5.15.0 on both Win 10 and Win 11 and I can’t reproduce this. When I change the ‘RAW White Balance’ setting from ‘As Shot’ to anything else, the relevant values change (e.g. for Daylight the Temp becomes 5200K and the Tint becomes 0) and the white balance of the image changes in keeping with the chosen setting.

correct 5.15 latest update on MAC, i don’t know about PC.

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See my post, immediately above your post:

i know, i’ve seen it, that’s why i said what i said.
on MAC, changing white balance to other setting wouldn’t change colours in any pictures, but the value on the chart does change, if i click on the value then WB change to “custom”.


We published updates for DxO PhotoLab 7 and DxO PhotoLab 6.10 fixing the issue with white balance.


That does indeed seem to have fixed the problem! Thanks for the lightning fast response.

That was quick! Excellent!

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