White balance as a local adjustment

  • Allow user to define image areas where the global white balance is overriden by a local white balance.
  • Area is defined using the local adjustment tools
  • The user interface for this feature could easily be implemented by automatically adjusting the color sliders of the equalizer using a white balance color picker.

This can be done with RAW files only.

Open a RAW file, select Local Adjustments, select Brush or Auto-mask, paint the area to be adjusted, invert the mask, select the Color sliders and adjust Temperature.

The same can be accomplished with Viveza in the NIK Collection. Use the Warmth slider. Of course, the selection may not be as exact as Brush or Auto-mask, but it works as well.

The white balance eyedropper is an important capability in the suggested user interface, in addition to the ability to manually tweak the equalizer sliders.

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