Which monitor do you use for PL6

Benq PD3200U - it’s a 32" 4K monitor with 10 bit colour that covers sRGB gamut which is all I need as the devices or services I output to are all sRGB.

I use X-Rite Display Pro to calibrate it and create profiles, though in it’s sRGB mode it requires very little adjustment.

The best: Eizo coloredge.
Alternative: BenQ SW321 or SW270
Dell Ultrasharp large gamut.

Calibration: Xrite I1 diplay pro

I’m using a 27" Asus ProArt PA27AC.

BenQ PD2700 as my main display, and a Dell P2314T as secondary monitor, both plugged into a M1 Mac Mini.

The BenQ is 4k and has 100% sRGB, which is all I output my images as anyway. I’m sure there is probably a benefit to editing with a wider gamut that I don’t understand (hopefully someone will educate me if there is), but so far I’ve not encountered any isses with my current setup. For my next monitor I will most likely go for a display with 100% Adobe RGB to have the extra coverage should it ever be required (100% Adobe RGB seems to add a lot to the cost of the monitor).

Both screens are calibrated using a ColorMunki Display (currently, this is a more important requirement for me than having 100% Adobe RGB).

Eizo, Nec, buy something from this list :

PS. Remember the lighting behind the monitor , as this is the next problem, without this lies the perception of brightness, contrast and even white balance. I use the Nec Pa243w.

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