Which monitor do you use for PL6

My question to you, which monitor do you use for PL6?
Do you also have a recommendation for DXO wide gamut?

I use the built in MacBook Air display and an old Acer 4K 23” monitor occasionally. The latter is probably no better than sRGB but it is calibrated. Suits my purposes, I’m only a hobbyist but I guess I’d go for an Apple or Eizo display if I was shopping - best I could justify without having to get a divorce

I use a ViewSonic VP-series monitor for sRGB work. It’s close to perfectly calibrated out of the box and has good uniformity after some tinkering with the bezel. I don’t need more than sRGB for output right now, though one day I will get a monitor that supports Display P3 or a wider gamut.

“DxO Wide Gamut” isn’t for display. Like ProPhoto RGB, it’s a working color space that contains nearly all of the range of color used by capture devices and output devices. It’s close to rec.2020, which no monitor can fully display. So I say pick a display that is best for what you ultimately use your images for. :smile:

I don’t have PL6, I’m still on PL5.

I’ve had an Adobe RGB compliant monitor for many years, a Dell U2413. The Dell software for it allows me to define which applications should be displayed in its Adobe RGB mode. This auto-switching feature is really handy.

When I eventually need to replace it, it will be one with at least Adobe RGB coverage. By then though, panels that can display even wider gamuts might be available and affordable for those of us on average income.

If money was no object, I’d probably go out and buy something at top of the Eizo range of monitors right now.Sadly though money is an object :grinning:

That’s a very apt recommendation … No point in buying a Ferrari just to drive to the shops !

I got used to a 27" iMac for many years before giving it up for the laptop life. Last year Apple released their Studio Display (which is pretty much exactly the 27" iMac display) and I almost immediately bought one.

My photos sing on this monitor. It’s also a good every day monitor.

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Displays of 5k iMac 2019 and M1 MacBook Air 2020.

Get something that displays AdobeRGB. Bigger colour space monitors get really expensive.

The monitor is probably the most important part of your photo workflow. Do not pinch pennies here! Look for monitor with a hardware calibrating device and 10bit colours and high contrast and wide gamut. Be prepared to pay a four digit price and fat bills for electrical power :smirk:

But what should I do now with my Ferrari??? :grinning:
and then there is still the Porsche - I hate all these choices


32" Eizo 4k.

Apple Studio display 5K and Eizo CS2470 4K, which I wanted to calibrate with an i1display plus. Last time I checked there was no possibility to update i1 software to Ventura. Maybe I should check again, but I’m also curious if a second Apple display (and selling the Eizo) could help for C1’s embarrassing “jumping window” bug.

Is that ccProfiler? If so, that works on Ventura though is a bit (what’s that technical term?..…) weird

So I first need to ask my doctor if my growing software-allergy would get also weirder :grin: Honestly I don’t know the name of the app, I just remember “not working” and “weird interface”.

Seriously, too many people in SW-development work careless.

Check out this software that I’ve used for years:

There’s an article about it here, but I’ve only browsed through it…


Thank you, maybe I’ll try it this weekend. I bought 3 calibration sensors since 2005, and they might get older but the usual method of making more turnaround for a company is declaring the hardware obsolete. :neutral_face:

that’s the same software and description I used with my Datacolor Spyder for the last years



Eizo CG 2730 → main screen
( > 12.000 h )

Eizo L767 → extended screen
( > 27.000 h )

No, it’s called i1Profiler. Just started it > “unexpectedly quit”. My next thing is “expectedly wiped off the Mac”. Useless crap.

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Hmmm, the additional ArgyllCMS is only available for Intel Macs. And the developer of DisplayCAL is not verified by Apple. As far as I remember, your MacBook Air is M1 but not the iMac?

Indeed. iProfiler is no longer compatible but ccProfiler is and works fine. It is essentially the same, just re-badged because of a change of ownership to Calibrite. Works fine here on Monterey and marked on the download site as compatible


I was using a ColorMunki Display puck but found I needed to buy the newer ColorChecker Display Plus.

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Thank you. Once again food for SW-allergy: To register my i1Display Plus, I need to be able to enter the serial number. As soon as I type the first characters PL-, the text changes to C3-20. and doesn’t let me correct it.