Which formats are supported by DeepPRIME

In PL4 Elite DeepPrime, is there a list of supported formats, including when DeepPrime is to be used as part of a pipeline in workflow? Unlike the rental Adobe LR to PS with Plugins, PL requires a file to be exported to a different format than the internal one used within PL or an external camera body raw format that works with DeepPRIME (e.g., a body produced Nikon NEF will work with DeepPRIME, but a TIFF from another workflow application does not seem to be supported). If I understood a DxO support article, a DNG produced as the “raw” format from a DxO PL4 supported camera body will be accepted by DeepPRIME, but a DNG produced in workflow, including a DNG exported by PL 4, will not be so accepted. When I tried to work on a TIFF, all that was available was HQ, neither Prime nor DeepPRIME. I was considering Exposure X6 as an Adobe LR replacement with PL4 Elite as the Adobe PS replacement (I now routinely use PL4 Elite, but I need a LR replacement that will work with PL4 similar to the LR to PS rental system).

It’s really simple.
Only rawfiles are.
Deepprime, optical module including CA correction are working together before demosiacing so any “developed” file is not usable for Deepprime.
The DNG of dxo is a camera native colorspace but still “pixellized” and thus not anymore a rawfile.

Under what circumstances is a DNG, etc., still “raw”? Thus, is it correct that the file must still be a “mosaic” and NOT “pixellized” to be recognized for DeepPRIME? Some applications output what appears to be “raw” – e g, still a NEF extension file. Is such a file “raw” or not? TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc., are “pixellized”, and evidently so are some DNG files. I realise that this is not a DxO question, but in internal-format workflow, to the best of my understanding, Adobe LR to Adobe PS has an internal inter-application pipeline that “maintains” what happens in a “raw” file, or is the Adobe information “alternate facts”?

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Good question. Always choose the manufacturers original RAW format. DNG burned me in the past, leaving me with images which cannot be processed in most applications and which do not have all the original information. Future-proof DNG with the original image inside just doubles storage requirements and slows opening files. No thanks. Never had an issue with the original RAW format unsupported by major RAW software.

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Is there any utility that will verify that an application that outputs, say, a NEF file, and the file is not identical in content (not date of modification, etc.) to the input NEF file, is still a “raw” file? The issue I am attempting to address, ultimately, is a replacement for what is now rental workflow from Adobe – I need a replacement for Lightroom that has an Adobe “pipeline” to Photoshop – my PS replacement has more or less settled upon PL (currently 4 Elite), but I am looking for the LR replacement. Photomechanic is too complicated for my current needs; I am looking at Exposure X6 as the LR replacement, but the connection between X6 and PL is not great – certainly not as well integrated as the Adobe rental suite. I fully understand that these are different vendors as contrasted with “all Adobe”, but non-Adobe vendors supply “fully seamless and integrated” plugins for the Adobe workflow rental applications. Thus this behaviour cannot be a strictly vendor “captive market” thing (a Toyota motor will not fit an Audi, and vice versa), unless the claim is that Adobe had (has?) such “market dominance” that all vendors had to be “Adobe” compliant. Thus far, PL Elite DeepPRIME is as good a “single step” (with my personal presets) workflow correction as I have found, including anything from Adobe – it saves me time using sliders and adjustments, and ultimately produces an image that has clients “enthusiastic”.