Where is Preset Editor in PL5, latest updated version?

This should be obvious but I can not find the Preset Editor in PL5. I have downloaded a few presents and want to add them to the presets in PL5. Additionally, how do I get rid of the External Selection Panel or at least minimize it in the left column when in Photo Library? Thank you for any help you may provide. Using Windows 10 on a Dell PC.

Hello sailaway,
have a look at page 96 of the user guide: https://download-center.dxo.com/Support/docs/PhotoLab_v5/user-guide/PL5_manual_EN.pdf


Which version of PL5 do you have? The Preset Editor is only available in the Elite version.


In Customize, under palettes make sure that Preset Editor is checked. It’ll appear in the left side panel if it is checked.

Check under the Palettes menu item when PL5 is in Customize mode. There’s a Preset Editor palette - if you tick that item it should open up the Preset Editor palette and allow you to do what you want to do.

I checked and the preset editor is checked. I have the Elite version. So my apply preset button does work and shows the presets that I have, but I added a temporary preset a few months ago. I can not determine how to delete it. It should be intuitive, but apparently not for me. I am not sure how one would edit a present in the apply preset panel at all. I am missing something rather simple I think.

There should be an Edit button next to the Apply button on the bottom. There is also a Trashcan on the top.

Thanks everyone. I went into the palettes and turned everything off, and then turned on the edit presets panel and it appeared. Followed that with the other panels so all seems fine not. Thanks!!!