Where is Grannies Attic?

Grannies Attic was one of my favourite presets in NIK HDR.
I now have NIK 6 but cannot see Grannies Attic in HDR presets.

Does anyone know a way I could maybe import it from Nik 5/

I’d try to export the preset in Nik5 (save as a custom preset) and import it into Nik6.

Any chance someone can share that preset here?

…probably not the original preset, due to the accepted licensing agreement, but If you’ve bought Nik v5, you can reinstall it and export a modified copy.

Are you certain it is not available in NIK 6 because this review of NIK 6 implies it is available:

NB you need to scroll almost to the end of the article to find the text I mean, where it says:

Nik’s HDR Efex Pro is pretty versatile – but if you stick to just the one-click options it it is more than likely you’ll end up with something that doesn’t look realistic. Try the Granny’s Attice preset, or The End Of The Road, for example and you’ll understand what I mean.

I can’t check myself as I only have NIK 1.

Hey, I can do that! Thanks for the tip!

I wonder why they dropped it?
It was a nice ‘old wordly’ effect.

We did not remove any preset in any of the Nik plugins.
“Grannies Attic” is Preset 19 in HDR Efex in both versions, Nik Collection 5 and Nik Collection 6 . Make sure you click on “show all” to see the category “Surreal”