Where/how to download optical modules for the OM-1 (OM System)?


where can I download the optical modules for the OM-1 (OM-System)?

The ORF-files of the OM-1 can be read but there are features missing related to the presence of the corresponding optical module for different lenses from Zuiko i. e. the 300 f4 Pro or the 150-400 4,5.

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Whether or not optics modules are available yet (and if planned, when they will be released) can always be found here:

DxO Supported Cameras & Lenses

Support for the OM-1 is scheduled for this month, June 2022. But there’s no list of supported lenses on the web site yet. As long as you have the latest version of PhotoLab installed, and are keeping it up-to-date, optics modules for OM-1 and its lenses will be available as soon as they are released. PhotoLab itself should automatically check for updates when run and look for optics modules when you first open a folder with OM-1 image files in it. You can download them manually in PL, but usually won’t have to.

To add to @Egregius post…the eagerly anticipated ‘full’ support for the OM-1 is discussed here
OM system’s new body OM-1 support - DxO PhotoLab / Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums

Many folk, including myself awaiting the announcement :slight_smile:

  1. as already mentioned, contrary to your statement, the current DXO-Photo Labs version already supports the reading of OM-1 ORF files.

  2. it is really very nice that you explain to me - a user who has been using DXO for 7 years - that DXO automatically checks the availability of optical modules when loading RAW files.

The point of my inquiry is not that I wanted to know HOW DXO checks the availability of optical modules for a camera/lens combination, but that as a customer I expect DXO not to lag several months behind other RAW converter vendors every time for known camera and lens models.

Since the current DXO Labs Elite version can read the OM-1 ORFs, as a customer I expect not to have to wait months for optical modules to finally be made available for this camera.

The number of PRO lenses from Olympus, for example, is quite manageable!

I’m sorry my answer wasn’t helpful. You asked a basic question in an open forum. I can’t make assumptions about what you know and what you don’t - and I wanted my answer to be helpful for anyone reading. Plus, it’s been DxO’s practice for a long time to not release optics modules for several months after a new camera arrives. Maybe better to go to support.dxo.com and let DxO know of your complaint directly?

I’m sure you won’t have to wait long for the optics modules. But as far as I know, there’s never been a way to download them apart from using PhotoLab in the normal way. Best wishes.


Great news, om-1 support has (finally) being released with Photolab 5.3.0!