Where can i see the preset applied to an image?

Hi, i would like to know if there is any way to find out what preset had been applied to an image. It isn’t shown in the history so where can I find it?

Hi Lucio,

at the moment 'm on Mac with DPL5 an I see the preset in the history

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“Standard-Preset” is the first preset that has been applied.
What exactly it is/was can be found in DPL’s settings (first tab).

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Yes but the fact is that the history keeps trace only of the actions in the current session. If in the next session I want to see the preset applied to set of images, the history panel shows only the first preset with which the image was imported. This ia a standard behaviour, even if that preset isn’t valid anymore because i have applied another preset in the previos session. All the settings of the applied preset are kept in the image but they aren’t shown in the history panel.

For the next session you are right

If I remember correctly we have had the request or a post for keeping the history over the end of the session.

But I can understand and support your question for having the preset that was set anywhere to check

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I’ve been requesting this for a long time. By the way don’t forget to vote yourself.

Any history/advanced history is not a history at all unless it keeps previous actions. over the past there have been several postings concerning the history Windows and the fact that it operates correctly on the Mac.

Hopefully they will be bringing the differences between the windows and the Mac in-line very soon.


Thanks everybody for your answers.
It would be fine even to have just a check mark near the last preset applied, or that it remains highlighted as when you just have applied it.
Hope in the next releases.

History is remembered in DPL5 on macOS.

I’d prefer to see the name of the preset used as default instead of today’s generic entry though.


@StevenL,/ Steven

hope all is fine with you.

It would be nice if the history and the history beyond a session were identical for Windows and Mac.
There used to be a list if I remember correctly :star_struck:

Enjoy the week

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It is one of probably two or three dozen differences between the Windows and Mac versions which have not yet been addressed.


Hi Marc,

because nobody know how many differences are addressed, maybe there a another 5 dozen which are addressed. :thinking:

I didn’t understand why it is not possible to create a editable list, share them for all forum members and work on to solve all the differences.

With all the motivated and knowledgeable forum members, it would be easy to maintain them.

I think DXO is obstructing a possible source of quality improvement with its policy of secrecy.

Enjoy the week


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@Franky opened a thread in which we could post things that work differently between Mac and Win:


Hi @platypus

thanks for the hint, I really forgot this thread from 2021.

Reading through it, I remembered why I don’t think this kind of recording makes sense, without detracting from Franky’s idea and commitment.

You would have to read through from top to bottom every time,
what has been reported
whether it is still up to date (across all the minor updates)
whether it might not work at all for technical reasons
and, and, and

And apart from an entry by a DXO employee, no reaction is apparent.

And since it should be in DXO’s interest to draw these differences equally, I would find it great if the forum maintainers would talk this through with the web admins and implement it.

Otherwise we can continue with the FR’s, where no one is informed if and why they are implemented or not. And then just refer to FR’s from 2017 or so from time to time. I find this unproductive and a waste of human resources.

But maybe I’m the only one who thinks that way.

have fun


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Franky’s thread is the best thing we have. It might not be perfect, but it’s a possibility.

Btw, how can one find a difference between Win and Mac versions? Either have both platforms and check every finding on the other platform, or read all posts and check findings on the other platform…none of which is funny.

I trust DxO to take note of issues and plan respective fixes. I also guess that the backlog is fairly long and attacking the fixes is governed by whatever priorities DxO has set forth.

Whoever can’t live with the current level of uncertainty can set up a shared page like the one for GPU performance comparisons. Nevertheless, such a document will still require us to find differences :man_shrugging:

Returning to the original topic: replacing the first line with the name of the preset used, would be good service to the user. A generic log entry does not help at all - specially in view of the possibility that a user might change the default presets every now and then.

It would be nice that when using the “apply preset” button the used preset is high lighted or marked in another way.


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Correct, that isn’t funny and yet some users here do this job.

Normally 1-2 developers should sit down and do this for the user interface. One after the other for each menu item and each right-click option.
I have no idea how the developers at Affinty do it, but there the differences are marginal and probably due to technical differences between MAC and Win.
I work with Affinity Photo and Publisher on both Mac and Windows from time to time, and I have no problems working on Windows, for example, but watching tutorials from Mac users, or vice versa. You can follow the steps almost 1:1. When I bought the Mac and installed the programs, it almost blew my mind every time I didn’t find something in PL :exploding_head:
Even during the EA phase it was really no mercy.

This is just to show what is not going quite right

Waiting for PL6 for new surprises :innocent:

New version, new (and additional?) surprises…

Surprises yes but… Good or bad :joy:

Let me think…I have to go :crazy_face: