Where can I find these presets?

On PhotoLab web site page

I’ve got them :smiley:

You’re teasing us, Pascal !!

With which tool do they work (PL, or Nik, or ??) - and where do we find them ?


Here’s the tease:

Thanks, Mike - - but I got the impression that Pascal has access to the actual presets (?)


Sorry I was reading to the end on the other page.
Top right, click preset and extend it, aren’t they there?
I’ve seen there’s more but didn’t paid much attention.

*** in PL3 software

Sorry for the inconvenience :disappointed:
That was a request on my FB users group.
We cannot find these presets.
In fact they are in the third group “Ambiances” but translated in french on our system.

Adding to the potential confusion might be the small typo on the website, where the “Mist” (as in “fog”) preset is called “Myst” (like the old video game :slight_smile: ), whereas in PL’s English version it’s correctly called “Mist”:


Anyway, just nitpicking, but as it’s on the main presentation page for PL, that should maybe get corrected sometime… :upside_down_face:

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Mist is a dutch word. Means fog, small drops of water floating in the air on a low altetude that dense your view gets blocked… :nerd_face:Now i get confused…:yum:

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I don’t have access to PL right now, but I think that this preset actually does give a foggy look to pictures :wink:

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Maybe a “portmanteau word” between mist and mystery ?