Where can I download the last version of Optics Pro to support Fujifilm S5 Pro camera RAW?

I have some RAW files from a very old Fujifilm S5 Pro which PL doesn’t support but I understand Optics Pro Elite does support.
As a longtime Optics Pro Elite user (and now PL) I have a licence, so where can I download the Optics Pro installer?
Can Optics Pro be installed alongside PL?

You should be able to see software download links to the software you licensed in your user account.

OpticsPro and PhotoLab can coexist, provided your OS supports both versions according to this info.

Caution: Newer versions of OP/PL write .dop sidecar files in a way, that makes them more or less useless for older versions of OP/PL. Issues caused by different versions of .dop files can be worked around, if OP/PL is set to not automatically export settings (.dop) files.

Despite that was the case before, there would be optical modules that would no longer be supported with recent versions ?

If necessary I have installer of the V11.4.2

You might have kept an email with a download link that might still work.

Unfortunately not the case - only PL, FilmPack and ViewPoint show, none of the versions of Optics Pro are listed

Good suggestion but no, the email contains a link to my DXO store account page.

I’ve just checked my NAS drive where I keep my licensed software installers (I’d forgotten about that) and found DxO_OpticsPro11_Setup.exe but I’ve no idea which build it is. If I install it and it’s not the latest build, will it perform a check for updates that will succeed if there are any, or have DXO removed all traces of legacy products from their update site?

What is the date of your file ?
I think the V11.4.2 version was released in July 2017

If you want an earlier version, I have the Windows setup file for Optics Pro v10. It’s dated 25/05/2016 but I also have PDF release notes for the same version dated earlier - 24/12/2015 - so I think the installer must be for a later point (10.n) release.

I believe I have all the latest builds going back to OpticsPro 9. I can check tonight after work. But I also believe it’s a mistake that PhotoLab doesn’t support a camera or lens that had been supported in OpticsPro. There have been cases in the past where this was reported, explained as an unintentional mistake, and fixed. Have you already inquired through support.dxo.com?

I read another thread which pointed out that Fujifilm S5 Pro support was dropped when PhotoLab was introduced.

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Mine is 17th June 2017

The S5 is supported in OP up to version 11. Check supported gear and you’ll find the statement, which is highlighted in the lower rh part of this screenshot:

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If you’ve bought OP and haven’t upgraded the license to PhotoLab, you could contact DxO support for assistance. They should be able to provide a download link. It still works as far as I’ve tested it today.