Where can I add a vignette to my pictures in PL3?

Had a look around but could not find vignette tool. Where is it?

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It is in the ‘Light’ Palette, 7th tool down. There is an automatic and manual setting and an advanced tool option.

There is a much more sophisticated ‘Creative vignetting’ tool in the DXO FILMPACK palette but that is only available in the Elite version of the software.

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I can only find under ‘Correction’ from ‘Manual’ and ‘Auto with DXO Optics Module’ (Light->Vignette). And there is ‘Intensity’ - that’s it. There’s no option ‘Advanced’ (using PL3 Elite in Demo mode - still).

The effect is minimal compared to the one in LR. Am I missing something?

“Vignetting” in PhotoLab doesn’t add a vignette to your photos - it removes the natural vignetting of your lens when you have a proper lens correction module installed. It’s a correction, not a creative tool. If you turn that setting off or lower its “Intensity,” you can bring back some of that vignetting - but you can’t add more. (Other controls available are “Effect,” “Middle,” and “Preservation” which helps protect highlights and shadows.)

To add a vignette of your own, as you want to, you need to add FilmPack Elite Edition to PhotoLab Elite. Just install FilmPack Elite and the necessary tools get added to PhotoLab. The tool from FilmPack is called “Creative vignetting” and offers sliders for Intensity, Midpoint, Transition, and Roundness, plus a tool for setting the center of the vignette effect.

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Hmm, spending another 80 bucks just for getting a vignette is - IMHO - way too much. I don’t care about the rest of the FP module.
In addition that PL is not capable of handling DNG files from my phone, missing a ‘creative’ vignette and a UI for developing which is suboptimal I really struggle not to cancel my order. :-/

The UI wastes way too much room and is missing structure. There are sections with a single slider nested within a module block.
At least that’s my impression. Maybe I can re-arrange stuff according to my workflow (I hope so). I’m still playing around with PL to see if it fits.


The Elite version can be rearranged. You can add new palettes and configure everything just the way you want it. The Essential version does not have that feature. Once configured to my liking I find the work flow is very straight forward and much more logical than many packages like ON1 where features, functions and filters are all over the place.

While it may not be useful to everyone, I use FIlmpack 5 Elite all the time… Besides creative vignetting, it includes fine contrast, various filters, the ability to add and manipulate grain, a B&W channel mixer, the ability to add and manipulate blur, the ability to add frames. a tool to add textures, and a light leak tool. And as you might expect in a package called Filmpack, the Elite version also includes 82 color and B&W film emulations.



Thx, @mwsilvers Mark. So I will try to fix my issues with re-arranging palettes. Overall summing up the costs for PLE and the Filmpack it’s getting pricy - for stuff that I see as basic functionality. :frowning:

Actually PLE is currently the most usable alternativ to LR. But still there’s quite some stuff missing to be a real good replacement (IMHO).

The biggest drawback is the handling of DNG files (-> Android DNG of various brands and phones). It has been worked on since nearly a year now but seems like nothing happened.
And the more I read the more post I find where people request it.

So in the end I have to go with cholera! (and dropping then subscription pestilence) :smiley:

Fine Contrast in FilmPack should not be neglected.
In your last post, PLE means PhotoLab Essential or Elite ?

In fact PL Essential or PL without FilmPack is a introductory price.
A exigeant photographer must have PL + FilmPack Elite.
Yes, the Investment to PL in running order is the same as the others software :smiley:


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@Pieloe It’s the Elite version. Isn’t there a ‘microcontrast’ feature already in the Elite version?
I’m not the filter-guy nor do I think that a filter pack - what ever it is called - is essential! :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong - there is of course stuff that is really descent like ClearView (which can be seen as a pretty smart filter) but most of the time I’m pretty fine with the basic stuff (lights, contrast, colour adjustments etc.).
Bad for me that add a vignette is in another package. :-/


PS: in regards of costs - ON1 is currently about 80 bucks and includes all the stuff I need. But it’s lagging heavily and that’s more than I can bear. Otherwise I would have canceled my order at DXO… just as I side note. But no need to discuss this - we’re dealing with PL3 here. :wink:

Hi Tom,

Finecontrast is used for skins portrets.
And in FP you get some more general adjustment tools like high medium and shadow contrast sliders. I don’t use , much, the filmpackage as in emulations but the other things you get are handy to get things done.
Infact if you like the output that Plv3 elite is given you i suggest to look at the combined Suite version. You get discount by the fact you buy the bundle.
Because Viewpoint is a very capable piece of software.

I am like you a friends family and hobby shooter and for my m43 kit dxo does a great job. Gives me a extra level of end product.

Ive made my own workspace and have non double tools any more.
You can create your own palette and move the tools in in your sequence and hide the default one’s.

Complete Photolab will be Elite version with Filmack & Viewpoint. Maybe wait for tomorrow Black Friday, might be discount.

ON1 is a jack of all trade software, does it all but run slow, lagging as you mention and the results are… you get what you paid for. IMO Exposure X5 (Alienskin) is pretty much better and has nice film emulation and light leaks manipulation.

I have had ON1 since 2018. The output is poor compared to PhotoLab. It is easy to see when looking at images processed by ON1 at over around 200% zoom compared to viewing the same images processed in PhotoLab at 200%. The ON1 images lose resolution and even begin to look pixelated. Fine detail in foliage stars to look more like clumps of green rather than individual leaves. I want to like ON1, but its really disappointing. The output quality just isn’t there. It may have a great feature set, but if the output is poor what difference does it make. The quality and resolution of Photolab 3’s output, is wonderful and doesn’t fall apart even when viewing at 400% zoom,


I’m agree with you … Same point of view …


I’ve tested the FP Elite and there is not much I would use of it. But after uninstalling it (I downloaded the demo and installed it) I still can see the FP palette in PL. Is FP part of the Elite demo version?

Speaking of prices: Everything is 50% off now for Black Friday to take the initial price hurdle: https://shop.dxo.com/en

After that keeping PhotoLab up to date is relatively cheap, if needed.

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I also thought I wouldn’t use much of what FilmPack had to offer at one time, but now I use most of FP’s feature very often. It has opened my mind to possibilities I hadn’t previously considered. Of course there is no guaranty you will eventually find it as indispensable as I have. The one feature I don’t use at all is light leaks. I just don’t care for that group of effects.


As @Asser already mentioned there’s 50% to all products I consider getting FP as well to have a more complete package to my needs.
I found out that I could do the vignette stuff also with the NIK collection I have (still the Google version but working).
Maybe be I end up the same way as you did, @mwsilvers Mark! :smiley: You never know…

Happy shopping on Black Friday! :wink:

We were told this wasn’t going to happen this year, that will

teach me to believe anything thing here.

I have no recollection of anyone telling us there wouldn’t be be special black Friday pricing this year. I upgraded shortly after the release of PL3 because I wanted it based on the 3 major new enhancements included. I assumed that I would be able get it for less if I waited until this Friday but did not want to wait.


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Its only 5$ cheaper Black Friday (64$) than the release of PL3 (69$).
But for new user getting the 50% off the bundle PL3 / VP / FP is a good deal.
Even the Nik at 74$ is a good set of plugins to have.