Where are the previous webinars and tutorials

First of all congratulations with the new DxO website, nice look and feel.

But where are the previous webinars and tutorials?
Although they refer to earlier versions of the DxO software, they are still very useful.
For example, there were some interesting tutorials and webinars on black and white development.

Is it possible to make them available again or where can we find them.

Thank you,
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Daniel Kuppens

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You will find tutorials and webinars on the DXO YouTube channel here
Or on the DXO site here

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Thanks, is there also a place where we can find the previous tutorials?
There was a nice one on black and white.

I also noticed that many older videos were suddenly no longer available on Youtube. Especially the ones about the Nik Collection. I contacted DxO support and was told that all videos created before 2018 had been deleted because they were “outdated”. :angry:

… which is really silly!


Indeed! There were really great videos by Dan Hughes regarding Silver Efex that I always enjoyed watching.


Try this ones

Dan Hughes DXO nik - YouTube
Anthony Morganti dxo nik - YouTube
Robin Whalley dxo nik - YouTube
jochen kohl dxo nik - YouTube


May be the ones done on Mac’s that show things differently to windows will also go as inaccurate.

The removal of old training videos requires a judgment call that all software companies need to address periodically.

Software is constantly evolving, and old training videos, of course, remain static. Very old videos may still provide useful tips on how to get the best from the software. However, at a certain point the features, functionality, and user interface when the video was created may diverge significantly from both current and recent versions of the software. As a result, very old videos can be confusing to new users who have to figure out on their own why some feature is not being mentioned or used.

Training videos are generally intended for newer users of software. It is therefore incumbent upon a software company to ensure those videos reflect the versions of their software that are most likely being used by those watching them. It is an unfortunate reality for some who still find value in the older instructional videos.

Perhaps the older videos can be archived and made available to those who still want to see them.


Analog Efex and HDR Efex have not changed over the years. Color Efex has gotten new presets, the filters have remained the same. No real reason to delete videos on these tools.
There was also a Nik Collection video series called “55 Fillters in 52 Weeks”. Every single filter was explained in a video of about 1.5 - 2 minutes. That was ingenious.
This one, for example, is also still online although from 2013(!): Comparing Contrast Filters in Color Efex Pro 4 - YouTube
I started downloading the most interesting videos for me.

@GuenterM: Thanks, I know them all. :slight_smile:

Great idea! However, I have no idea how this could be achieved.

I see no reason to take the older videos down. Anything about NIK should stay and anything about PL4, too.

I dropped ACDSee when they deleted all the videos related to my version. Will I have to do the same thing for DxO? Sorry, but this is a really dumb decision–unless DxO is trying to make people angry.

Bring back all the NIK videos and PL4 videos, DxO.


This is a great idea. I have had to take a long break from photography but am looking forward to a big catch up session with the seminars. That some may no longer available is distressing and demoralising