When will the "greyed out" Export to Nik bug be fixed?

This is not a new problem. Is DXO working on it?

What platform are you on? Which version of PhotoLab and which version of the Nik Collection? Did the problem start when you installed a new version of PhotoLab ot Nik? It seems that initially last year you were referring to Pl 4 and Nik 3, but a later post of yours implied you were updating to PL5. If this is the original 8 months old problem did you not follow up again in all that time? Have you tried reinstalling both your current version of PhotoLab followed by your current version of the Nik Collection? This does not appear to be a common problem.


Have a look through this topic and see if anything seems related to your problem:

Normally a reinstall should correct it, but it seems that sometimes other applications can interfere.

I am having the “greyed out” problem with the latest PL5 and NIK 5.
Windows 10, 64 bit.

New problem since NIK 5 install.

Did you try reinstalling it?


My post was : When will they fix the bug? I did not ask how to muck around to get things working.

Your question assumes that the cause of the problem is in DxO’s software. Surprisingly, the problem can be caused by third-party software. Best to open a ticket at support.dxo.com, both to fix your issue and to get an answer to your question.

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Reinstalling software is not mucking around, and has never been a workaround. Operating systems are complicated things to start with and adding other software and hardware, which may not play nicely, into the mix can complicate things. When software issues occur after installation the fault may, or may not, be a result of a bug. It may be a result of a conflict with the operating system, other software or hardware, or a memory corruption. When an unusual or an unexpected issue occurs after installation one of the first things that is recommended is to reboot your computer and reinstall the software. That may not resolve your problem but it is the first thing to try.


Then a lot of folks are using that 3rd party software. :cowboy_hat_face:

As answered elsewhere by DXO, DXO knows it’s a bug and has suggested work-arounds which are, hopefully, only needed until there is a bug fix.

I get this randomly too. I raised it with support and the answer was that they had no idea. The workaround of re-installing is ok so far as it goes, just means I have to keep the latest NIK installer on my desktop which is a bit rubbish really. I offered to send logs ‘n’ stuff but my offer wasn’t taken up.