When will Nik Collection 7.0 be released?

I am a longtime user of the free google version of the Nik collection, and I as that version has stopped working with my Photoshop, I want to go ahead and bite the bullet to purchase the newer version.

However, it seems that Nik 7.0 is just around the corner, and I can’t afford to buy Nik 6 for $150 and then have to spend even more money a few months later to update to 7.0

Is there any news on how long it will be until Nik 7 arrives?

plus one for me

If I am not mistaken, the previous versions were released:
v6 - At the end of May 2023
v5 - In early June 2022
v4 - In early June 2021
v3 - In early June 2020
v2 - In early June 2019

Until now, DxO has issued new releases on a yearly basis, mostly for incremental improvements that also stirred the forum at times.

I consider Nik 6 to be the version with consistent interface design and operations in what used to be original Nik modules. I wonder what DxO could drop into the collection to make an upgrade $-while.

If the Niks are needed short term, one could easily buy and hold, but this is just my point of view. In any case, I highly recommend to try all DxO software before buying. Many apps have overlapping or complementary feature sets - or disrupt a RAW workflow.