When will DxO Photolab include Apple ProRAW?

Now that the newly released iPhone 14 Pro will generate 48MP RAW files, when is DxO going to allow processing of RAW files from the iPhone?


If you check supported gear on this page, you’ll find that supported iPhones range between models 4 and X.
Hint: Don’t hold your breath waiting for iPhone 14 support…but you can propose to have that phone supported on the same page.


This is a problem for apps like DxO - because Pro Raw is not raw - it is a linear DNG with RBG data. And, Apple has applied their Local Tone Mapping to the data - so if you want to edit the file, you are kind of “fighting” those adjustments. Apple has provided an API to adjust this tone mapping, but you have to be using the Apple raw engine, which of course, DxO is not. I use the Raw Power app which lets you adjust the intensity of the tone mapping (or turn it off completely) for editing. If you are really interested in editing these files, and you are using a Mac, iPad or iPhone, I strongly recommend Raw Power. It is inexpensive and works very well. I got my iPhone Pro Max on Friday, and it takes very nice images in the 48mPix mode - even in low light situations.

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Thanks for the recommendation.

Pixelmator Pro and Photomator also use the Apple RAW engine. RAW Power is also excellent.