When using Color Efex 5 Can I activate multiple filters w/o saving & reopening?

When using Color Efex 5 can I activate multiple filters w/o saving & reopening? In other words, when I first open color efex pro 5, I may use the pro contrast filter. Then i save & close. Now, I want to use another filter - polarization, for example. I apply that, then save & close. Now, I want to use a third filter - brilliance, for example. I apply, then save & close.

Is it possible to apply all of these filters w/o closing until I am finished? If so, how? Thanks.

Hi, this can be done by adding multiple filters via the + symbol on the filter gallery:

Schermafbeelding 2022-10-20 164742

when you select the filter by clicking on the preview, the filter will overwrite the current filter, via the + symbol, you add the filter on top of the other filter(s)

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Thank you.
So, is the idea that I choose filter #1, then hit the plus sign, choose filter #2 & hit the plus sign, etc.?

Yes, but don’t click on the small thumbnails. It that case you overwrite your existing filter. Click on the + icon

Or, hold down the Shift-key when you select another filter … and it will be added to the stack.

This mimics (Windows) behaviour that you see in, say, File Explorer … whereby clicking on different filenames with the Shift-key held down acts to select them collectively, one-by-one.

John M

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Thanks to you both. Very much appreciated. Cheers!

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Hmmm. In Windows, to select non-contiguous files you have to use the Control Key. Shift is for contiguous files.

But glad to know shift works in Nik Color Efex. I was frustrated the other day trying to figure out where the Add Filter button went (not a good change, DxO).

Yes, of course - my mistake.

John M

Why adding multiple filters doesn’t work in Efex Pro 5 or 6 ?

Hi Fredi,

of course it works – just hit → the “+”