When to get PL?


I currently have PL 3, just curious, if I wait for PL6, would I still be entitled for upgrade pricing or would I need to buy new licence?

If I need to buy new licence, when will it be a smart time to grab PL5 so that I would get PL6 for free?

I know I did this for PL2 but been out of the loop on this sort of thing.

Also looking at getting the new FP at the same time


Hi, Daniel. The first part of your question was just recently asked and answered here:

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Thank you for that, now I guess the next thing to do is when it a smart time to upgrade to get PL6 at upgrade pricing.

I know that there’s a 30 day refund but I kinda don’t want to abuse it if possible

There isn’t a 30 day refund. There’s a 14-day refund period provided you haven’t activated the license key:

What is your refund policy for DxO software? – Help center

I don’t think there’s a way for you to do as you propose. The upgrade pricing only applies to PL5 for you, so going from PL5 to PL6 on the grounds that you bought PL5 within a few weeks of the release of PL6 very likely isn’t going to be a free transition. You’d have to plead your case with DxO support (support.dxo.com).

Thank you for the extra information. So it not the same when I brought PL2 and got a free upgrade to PL3 or has it changed since then? PL2 is my first purchased full licence.

I expect it’s decided case-by-case, per the refund policy DxO has published. You bought PL2 at full price, and then PL3 was released a short time later, so getting a free upgrade to PL3 is fair. If you were to pay full price for PL5, and then a very short time later PL6 was released, I suppose you’d be offered that for free or you’d be able to ask for a free upgrade. But upgrade pricing is based on what you’re upgrading from. In the scenario you’re considering, you’re upgrading from PL3. You can get PL5 at the upgrade discount. You probably won’t get PL6 for the same price - you’d have to pay more so that you end up paying full price for PL6 and not paying for PL5. Just my guess.

Consider this, too: if PhotoLab goes on sale for 30% off and you buy it, then a 50% off sale is offered a week later, will DxO increase your discount to 50%? Discussions on the forums here indicate no, unless you haven’t activated the license yet. Then maybe.

Ok I just searched and it looks like that it changed since my early days of getting this.

Anyhow I am going to take the chance that I might get a personal upgrade offer, when should I make that bold move?

No one here can say when the next PhotoLab will be released. But we can infer based on when previous versions were released.

PL1 - Oct. 25, 2017
PL2 - Oct. 24, 2018 I think
PL3 - Oct. 25, 2019
PL4 - Oct. 21, 2020
PL5 - Oct. 20, 2021

These dates are all available through an Internet search for press releases by DxO.


You only get a free upgrade if you own the previous version for less than a month. That was also the case when you upgraded from PL2 to PL 3. There is a 30 day free trial for PhotoLab. It is not a refund since you don’t have to purchase it for the free trial. PL6 six will be released in five weeks. If you wait until the annual Black Friday sale you will be able to get PhotoLab 6 at the lowest price of the year.


Thank you for your comment. Are you suggesting that if I get PL5 at upgrade pricing and PL6 comes out in the 30 day window I would get PL6 for free even though it an upgrade?

Or is that black friday sale cheaper than upgrade pricing?

I have never tried that specific scenario. I am also not certain whether its a 30 day upgrade window or less then 30 days. But that sounds correct. However, If you wait for Black Friday I believe the purchase price for PhotoLab 6 Elite will be even less. I assume you are referring to the the Elite version. If you are not, you should be.

Second, what operating system are you using? On a PC, PhotoLab 5 or 6 requires Windows 10 or later. If you are on a Mac which version of MacOS do you have installed. DxO only supports 2 previous versions of MacOS. I believe Catalina is still supported for PL 5 but will not be supported for PL 6.


I am going for the elite version (as that what I currently have)

I’m currently running windows 10 on a PC so I should be fine in that area. My home built PC won’t work with windows 7 anyways (and hated 8).

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I propose that you wait until the new version is out, check system requirements and check DPL6 out with a free trial.

Black Friday falls on November 25th, 2022.
Discounts can also happen around x-mas/year-end.

If you wait for the best price, you’ll probably miss it.

Definitely buy ONLY on black Friday sale in November. This is the only time where you get 50% off and don’t consider the 30% discount when the new version 6 comes out in October, you won’t get a refund. I have been bitten by this stupid policy to buy in August then the upgrade in October at 30% to then see 50% in November. I wasn’t aware and DxO was extremely inflexible to be polite… It’s a good product but customer is not King here.

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Please read discount ads carefully. They often read “up to 50%”. Check the prices and decide to buy or not, no matter what the discount percentage is.

Remember: Up to 50% can be anything between 0 and 50%!


PL/SQL enables users to send a block of statements to the database, which significantly reduces traffic between the app and the database. It is also possible to run PL/SQL on any operating system (OS) or platform where Oracle Database runs .

@Nehagi Wrong forum!

As @KeithRJ pointed out, you’re posting on an incorrect forum. The PL often referred to on this forum stands for PhotoLab, an image processing program owned and developed by DxO which has nothing to do with PL/SQL.


And it looks like I will be waiting for BF deal now. 1 new licence and 2 upgrades (I brought all 3 programs)