When moving a slider, my image heavily pixelates

Whenever I use slider controls in any module my picture blurs while moving the slider. When done the image sharpens to normal with the changes I made.

I can’t take a screen capture because the effect can only be seen when the mouse button is depressed and while actively moving the cursor.

Can this be corrected? Thanks for looking.



In any RAW editor, each time you modify a development setting, the RAW engine has to fully re-compute the preview (well, not always but often). Depending on the processing power of your system (GPU+CPU), this computation may takes time. Until it is finished, only a low quality preview can be displayed.

OP has McMini M1 + 20mp max Olympus files ? something is buggy somewhere

This should not be happening on a MacMini M1. Plus your 20MP Olympus files are not that large. I never have this problem on my Macbook Air M1 with 8 GB ram when processing 45MP Canon R5 Files. So I would say it is not the computer that is causing the problem. Processing power should be more than enough. Unfortunately I don’t know what to suggest. Hopefully someone else here will.

Perfectly normal. To change this behavior, go to Edit > Preferences > Display and enable the option to always prefer high quality previews.



Thank you @Egregius I have have always run with that settings selected without realising the overall effect

Off while changing ‘Smart Lighting’ (Snapshot before release of mouse button)

Versus On while changing (Snapshot before release of mouse button)

Thank you everyone. I did change to prefer highest preview quality. Funny, but I remember actually shutting this off because it was causing another problem I had. That is choosing a folder and not having previews load. There were placeholders for the images but they all had that circle with arrows on all or most of them. Took forever to load. But I may have since updated to the mac mini and I don’t remember if I was using my older iMac when that problem occurred. I will monitor using higher quality previews and see if that issue comes back but for now it seems to work fine. Again, thank you.